Hygo Lloris amazing perofmance against Aston Villa

Usual life of horse is 25-30 years, but today we had privilege to watch one 36 years old, French race World Cup winner and finalist in short Hugo Lloris ladies and gentleman. Strike was from about 35 meters ball deflected in front of him and this person let ball hit his chest and deflect 5-6 in front of him. Then he tried to get it, but Aston Villa player was faster told him "Horse please let this ball to me" passed back and we watched easy tap in for 0:1 for Aston Villa and game over for Spurs.

If some boy of 16 years did that I might understand that, but do I or Conte need to teach horse of 36 years that if you can't catch ball and want to deflect you should deflect it wide not in front of you ? Highly unlikely. I have every reason to believe he already knows that. So why did he do that goal leading mistake ? Maybe because rotten Egg from ENIC asked or payed him to do so so he can turn fans against elite coach Antonio Conte ? Do you remember how Dier missed ball in previous game and make corner after which we conceded goal ? He is also adult and I am sure he knows how to kick the ball.... Do you remember when Jose talked about "Non football mistakes" in Tottenham ? I do. I think they happen when ownership want from some reason to get rid of coach. Few games like that and majority of fans would be coach out instead of OWNERS out. Not Levy out but ENIC OUT!

Did you notice how every player who go out of Tottenham wins something either with new club either with country ? Why do you think is that happening ? I'll tell you ENIC is not owning their new club or national squad. There is no bribing to make silly mistakes with goal to avoid investment in next transfer window or to save few millions because you promised reward in case of trophy to coach. Conte out will not solve anything, anyone who come in will be worse and after a year or so everything will start happening again and they ENIC will suck money from the club, build buildings instead of investing in football players, buy yachts and pictures and laugh behind fans back. Hahahahhahaha very funny business model. Metropolitan police should investigate this. If they start it I am sure couple of players will tell the truth.

Battle for top 4 has been already lost. Serious clubs like Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle, Chelsea are way ahead of us and this gap will just increase because they INVEST in squad while we don't plan to do that. When their first team player is down they have proper substitute. What do we have ? Nothing.

So there is no reason to try hard anything in rest of the season, relax play with players you want to sell in summer, give them some stats and try hard only in FA cup and Champions League. Other thing sell Son while you can still get some money for him. His value is 70M and in summer it's going to be a lot lower because he is turning into Dele Alli on rapid scale. If Real Madrid wants him sell him and buy someone else on that position.

And at the end like always like always ENIC OUT!