We had one of the best coaches Antonio Conte, our owners didn't back him properly. They refused his wish to be competitive to win the league and told him he should fight for top 4 place. Majority of fans accepted that. Some players started to play half heart every few games, refusing to execute his tactical demands on the pitch, acted not like a team and of course some bad result happen. Synchronized action against him on internet started. Twitter and youtube coaches started to explain why he is bad, how he should play, some even dared to talk about him like he lost interest for his job in Spurs, that he want out etc... despite he came to early after operation putting Tottenham above his own health at the time. Final was when fans started to chant song about previous manager "He's magic you know Mauricio Pochettino."

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano told today Nagelsmann withdrew himself from race for Chelsea manager. Chelsea wrote off Enrique, while Pochettino made successful initial talks with the Blues to become their next manager! LoL! Some fans didn't get this news well and started to write angry stuff to him. Thinking that some ex coach who knows who is Daniel Levy will accept to work for him again was to naive.

Fabio Paratici

Meanwhile Fabio Paratici's appeal against punishment in Italy was rejected and his world wide ban from football for next 30 months has been confirmed. Italian resigned from his duty of Football Director at Tottenham. New guy from Australia will start his work in June. Meanwhile legends from Everton Grétar Steinsson and Rangers ex scout Andy Scoulding will as far as I understand take his role on paper while we all know in reality before and after June Daniel Levy will "take responsibility" about everything just like he did in the past 23 years. However hoodwinking someone to become new Spurs coach will be tougher task than he thinks because his reputation precedes him.

Owner Daniel Levy gave interview for Cambridge answering on clearly filtered questions saying among other things how he doesn't know how ordinary Spurs fan look like or think, trolling Harry Kane saying how "he absolutely can win trophies at Spurs", calling big achievement being above Arsenal for 5 years not mentioning previous 15 years and smiling widely on question about his plans with rugby on Tottenham stadium.

Meanwhile I already hear song "He's Chelsea you know Mauricio Pochettino!" :) Don't fall in that trap about coaches or players. No matter who we will put in will not win anything. Only solution for this club is to change owners. #EnicOut #LevyOut