Tottenham players are going on away games not to play football, but on picnic. They have criminal record on away games recently and last of rare wins was against Aston Villa whose players didn't show up because they saved energy for European game. Last picnic against Newcastle ended up in 4:0 loss despite they had plenty of injured players. Chelsea have also plenty injured players. According to Pochettino they have only 11 first team ready players.

I already hear thinking of Spurs players. We are going to batter them, they have so many injured, it's going to be easy, we don't need to play anything to win... Such approach could lead toward Newcastle result.

Spurs players Davies and Werner ended season with injuries. That will force Ange to finally put Royal left or Van de Ven left and Dragusin in center. Acoording to previous situations he'll probably put Royal on left for I don't know what reason. Some people hope to see young Santiago on left, but that will not be the case, we'll see either Son either Johnson there with probably RIcharilson and Deki. Some people hope out of form Maddison will be benched and Lo Celso let to play, but that isn't happening too. Some like me would like to see Romero on #6 Dragusin and Van de Ven in center of defense and Royal left. This isn't happening too.

Ange told he's working on more important things than set pieces which is style of play which will win us things and changing environment. I am not sure what means changing environment. Style of play need a lot of work because those players know only how to press and keep the ball, but not how to make chances. I can add that we look far worse now than in the beginning of the season and wouldn't agree we are progressing as club like Ange said. When we talk about style of play it looks like run away from the box as soon as you see opponent in front of you and send useless cross when only 1 our player is inside the box. That's not how football should be played. From 70% of possession we should make at least 4 big chances each half and maybe see 1-2 counter attacks against us. That would be good football for me and not 2-3 big chances for us and 7-8 counter attacks for opponent.

Back to the game. I can't wait to see how will "picnic boys" manage not to win this game against decimated opponent.