According to tweet of Bruno Andrade Tottenham is in advanced talk with Everton about striker Richarlison. Shocking information is telling transfer fee could be 60 million ?! I know people like to invent things, to throw smoke bombs all around and really hope this is not happening. Here is why.

If I despise anything in football that are cheating players who fall after slightest contact or even without contact trying to trick referee to give them foul. Everton striker is one of those players. I despise his style of play to the point that I wanted to see Everton out of Premier League because of him.

Near the end of season Everton played crucial game in survival fight and he cleared ball from inside of Everton box all alone and fell like dead after pretending he's hurt. Not much after he dropped on the ground again on center faking serious injury and no one of his team mates came to him to check. His own team mates don't believe him when he's on the ground.

Last report said he made scandal on Brasil training with Vinicious. Team mates separated two players from fighting each other. So he's a cheat with bad personality I'd say. We don't need such things on our training!

If this information about Tottenham interest is true I really don't see what Conte or Paratici or whoever initiated this idea see in this player. I'd like to know whose idea is his arrival at Spurs.

Another aspect is his price. You can get a lot better player for 60 million. You can get much better for half of that sum. It's funny how Everton fans are tweeting he's good, as soon as you see him you'd like him etc... I'd say they can't wait his departure. Why are you selling him if he's that good ? Are you in financial problems ? I don't think so.

I also read one legend from Brasil (Rivaldo I think) advised him to go to Arsenal. He could have starting role there, while in Spurs he'd be substitute for Kane, Son and/or Kulusevski. I am inclined to believe what is really happening is that he has negotiations with Arsenal and that Tottenham just want to pump his price to make Arsenal pay more. That would have sense, but it's ugly.

Buying this cheat whose team mates don't believe he's injured while he's rolling on the ground holding leg or head for 60M would be craziness. If that happens I don't see how he's going to survive Conte's preseason. Those Spurs fans who can't wait for his "shithousery" will be very disappointed. His acting might be successful in the biggest clubs like Manchester United or Liverpool which are strong among referees. I can assure you he'll never get fouls for that in Tottenham shirt. I also think he's on referee black list - "give him foul only when you are 100% sure". With him in squad we'll be there as club and we don't need that. Fans all around England will despise us because of him...

He'll probably be out of squad after 2 hours of training. This would be madness even if transfer includes swap deal with Winks going other way. I really hope this is just one non salted joke. It destroyed my day anyway and it's not funny.