Mario Hermoso is writing his last chapters as blue and white, except for an unexpected turn. The Madrid has no plans to accept the offer of renewal of the Catalan entity and Espanyol is not willing to let him go next season without seeing a euro. But his goodbye would not be new to the Sports Department. In the last ten years, the club has entered about 40 million from central. Since 2009, nine shaft defenses have left the RCDE Stadium. If nobody remediates it, Hermoso will join them. The last one that packed the bags was Álvaro González, heading to Villarreal. He left on the horn of the closing market and left in the coffers 3.7 million euros. That was in the summer of 2016. Since then there have been no movements, a situation that can now change Beautiful. Previously, in January 2015, Eric Bailly also went to the La Ceramica stadium for 5.7 kilos. In summer, PSV had paid 5 for Héctor Moreno. In 2013, Amat was transferred to Swensea, for 3 million, and Forlín left Espanyol seduced by Al Rayyan, who paid 2.5. In the winter market of 2011, Víctor Ruiz went to Naples for 6.

In July 2010 there was the one that, up to now, has the honor of being the most expensive transfer of a plant in the last ten years. Nico Pareja went to Russia for a payment of 10 million. An amount that should be behind that entered by Mario Hermoso this summer. A year before, Sevilla paid three kilos for Sergio Sánchez and Torrejón went to Racing for 1.5. No hurry Therefore, the sale of a central is not new for Espanyol. The blue and white entity expects to enter at least part of the clause, although it is aware that nobody will pay 40 million and less considering that next year ends contract. It should also be remembered that Real Madrid has 50 percent of their rights so half will go to the white club. Espanyol, however, is not in a hurry. After announcing the capital increase does not need to sell before June 30 to balance the accounts