It is not the first time that two clubs exchange players. Valencia and Barcelona have done so with Neto and Cillessen, although logically they have been completed in two different operations, announced on different days and with different figures, although perfectly logical. It has been the Barcelona, ​​yes, the one that has given more details of both buy-sales. The Catalan club needed some 60 million before June 30 and, after the 25 of André Gomes (Everton), everything pointed to Cillessen was going to report an income of 35 million fixed, as it has been. In addition, selling your substitute goalkeeper for such a millionaire becomes a great management for Barça managers. At Valencia the transfer of Neto by 26 million plus 9 variables fits perfectly. Because with the 26 blocks your budget before June 30 without losses and the 9, very easy to comply, will compute in the following exercise. Those 9 million, which will count as safe income in 19-20, will come very well in a course in which they are still expected to make large investments.

From the sporting point of view, for Valencia the operation is also round. Despite his great performance, Marcelino no longer trusted Neto and the Brazilian goal considered that he had lost prominence unjustly, to be without the last League days and the Cup final. For Valencia, Jaume has been a blessing for both his punctual performance as for his wardrobe work. Jaume arrived at Valencia by the longest road but did not miss his opportunity when he coincided with Nuno in the summer of 2014 when he was the goalkeeper of the subsidiary. Since then, he has lived in the shadow of Alves, Ryan or Neto, and although he has claimed more prominence based on good performances, his role has been secondary until this season, which has been the protagonist of a historic Cup. The goalkeeper of Almenara has seen how he was signed by Ryan (2015, 7 million), Neto (2017, 7 million) and now Cillessen (35) to reduce his chances of being a starter. And yet, it has made the team benefit from their professionalism. Precisely the role that will play now play Neto azulgrana, much more difficult considering