English Pundit Roy Keane was full of annoyance over the performance of Manchester United defenders during yesterdays game against Manchester City. According to Keane, he tagged the defensive performances of Manchester United players as completely frustrating.

Highlights on Manchester United's poor defence

Manchester United were already two goals down against the Citizens, after Ivorian defender Eric Baily gifted City two goals. An own goal from Baily and a poor cover-up from Baily again were all that Pep Guardiola's men needed to be assured victory. Asides from Eric Baily, the ex-Manchester United captain was also full of disappointment over the performances of David De Gea and Luke Shaw. Roy Keane highlighted that he had previously been lenient with these fellas, however, the game against Manchester City was the height of it all.

Roy Keane shares more thoughts on yesterdays Manchester Derby

Asides from calling out a few individual players, Keane also shared some displeasures concerning the group performances of the Manchester United players. From his statement, he highlighted that there was nothing to special about Manchester City on the day.

However, due to the fact that they were never really pressured by this Manchester United players, City looked like they were the completely dominant figure. As a final thought, Roy Keane spoke about the midfield of Manchester United. Explaining in no uncertain terms that Fred and Mc Tominay are not good players for Manchester United.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, Manchester United left so much to be desired in their game against Manchester City. With such a performance, the only option left is to go back to the drawing board and rectify issues from scratch.