Many experts believe that Brazil deliberately disrupted the match against Argentina. They didn't need to play because the line-up was not optimal. That is, the Brazilian national team was not ready for the match, and it was necessary to disrupt the meeting. The reason was covid restrictions.

The essence of the conflict between the Brazilians and the Argentine national football team

As part of the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Brazilian national team hosted the Argentina national team. The sign of this match speaks for itself. There is no need for additional words. The opposition of these teams is always interesting and spectacular. But this time it didn't come to football.

The referee started the match. The players began to kick each other in the legs. Yes, the number of fouls went through the roof. But 5 minutes later, after the starting whistle, the confrontation migrated to the technical zone. The referee has stopped the match. It was not renewed again.

It turns out that the Brazilian Ministry of Health has decided to deport 4 players from the Argentine national team from the country. Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendía, Christian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso did not comply with the covenant restrictions. In particular, upon arrival in Sao Paulo, they stated that they had not been in the UK for more than 15 days. To be honest, they were deceiving. The players attended the Premier League football match.

The head of Anvisa, Antonio Barra Torres, said that everyone who arrives in the country from the UK must go to quarantine. Moreover, for 14 days. The Argentine national team misled the Brazilian health agency by saying that they had not been to England for a long time.

When the fraud was exposed, Anvisa representatives went to the hotel where the Argentines were staying. But, as luck would have it, the players have already left for the stadium. The authorities briskly rushed to the match. But not to look, but to pick up the players of the Argentine national team from the field and forcibly send them to the airport.

When confusion began in the technical area, the referee suspended the match. Immediately, as soon as the whistle blew, a guy jumped out onto the field, clearly not having anything to do with football. This was the representative of Anvisa. He wanted to push the Argentine national team players into the space under the stands. But, the Argentines did not allow this. They themselves began to push this figure out of the football field. Another scuffle began. Argentine footballers decided to leave the playing field. Only Messi remained. He, as the team captain, tried to resolve the issue. As a result, the match was hopelessly disrupted.

The Argentine national team left the country. Now the representatives of FIFA and CONMEBOL are trying to understand the situation.

How can the conflict end?

At the moment, FIFA has the full and legal right to award Brazil a technical defeat. After all, it was their services that thwarted the match, which had already begun. AFA officials said this was an unprecedented case. Football should remain a game where athletes compete, not officials at various levels. The sporting spirit of the competitive process should not be destroyed. All collected materials will be transferred to FIFA for examination of the merits. The Board could make concessions and set a new date for this meeting.

Why did the Brazilians not want to play football, but waited for the officials to disrupt the match?

It's all about the same coronavirus. The fact is that such team leaders as T. Silva, Fred, Ederson, Becker, Fabinho, Firmino, Jesus and Richarlison were not allowed to the Brazilian national team. In addition, Claudinho and Malcolm left the national team and returned to Russia. It turns out that there was no one to play for the Brazilian national team. So they decided to disrupt the match. After all, the Argentines arrived in Brazil on September 3. During this time, it was possible to resolve not such controversial issues as non-compliance with quarantine restrictions by 4 players. Nm, the fans have to wait for the final FIFA verdict. Maybe we can enjoy the game of the Brazilians against the Argentines.