Croatia - Spain

Croatia reached the 1/8 finals of Euro2020. But they had to play with Spain, the team that claims to be the best in Europe. The game of the Spaniards is characterized by total control of the ball. Bookmakers give priority to the Spaniards.

Bookmaker Quotes

P1: 6.8

P2: 1.62

X: 3.24

TM2.5: 1.68

TB2.5: 2.32

Euro2020 1/8 final match review: Croatia - Spain

We have seen many times how outsiders outplayed favorites. The Spaniards started the match as actively as possible. This is not surprising, given the last victory of the Spaniards.

Review of the first half of the 1/8 finals of Euro2020: Croatia - Spain

Spain started the match very actively. They seized the ball and the initiative. Croatia prefers to play defensively. They count on quick counterattacks.

Azpilicueta hits Croatia on target for the first time in the 9th minute. On the 13th, Sarabia shoots past the frame. On the 16th minute, Koke goes to the shock position. He punches with his cheek, not too hard. The Croatian goalkeeper helps out. On the 19th minute, Morata misses his chance.

In the 20th minute, the Spaniards brought a goal into their own net. Unai Simon was trying to stop the ball in an incomprehensible way. But, from his leg, the projectile flies straight into the gate. So, the goalkeeper of Spain becomes the author of an own goal. Croatia lead: 1 - 0.

Immediately, at 25 and 26 minutes, Vlasic and Kovacic push past. On the 27th minute, the Spaniard Sarabia responds with his inaccurate shot. On 37 minutes, Azpilicueta shoots again, but misses the target.

In the 38th minute, there was a heap on the Croats' goal. Jose Luis Gaia shoots hard, right on target. Livakovich beats off. The ball flew to Sarabia, who simply shot the opponent's goal. As a result, Spain tied the score: 1 - 1. The referee added 1 minute to the first half. As a result, the result of the first half: 1 - 1. The whole struggle is still ahead.

Review of the second half of the 1/8 finals of Euro2020: Croatia - Spain

Spain started the half in the same spirit as the first. On 52 minutes, Sarabia shoots on target. In the 57th minute, Azpilicueta successfully joined the attack. He closed the canopy into the penalty area with his head. Goal. Spain comes out ahead: 1 - 2.

The Croats tried to recoup. At 66 and 67 minutes, 2 shots were struck on target. But the defense continued to make mistakes. She, in fact, crumbled. At the 77th minute, Ferran Torres receives the ball near the goalkeeper's and confidently outplay the Croatian goalkeeper. The score becomes: 1 - 3. Now the Croats have nothing to lose. We urgently need to move forward, not even paying much attention to the defense.

But on the 85th minute Orsic narrows the gap: 2 - 3. The referees went to watch TV. But in the end the goal was scored.

The arbiter added 6 minutes. At 90 + 2 minutes, Pashalich, punches from the line with the goalkeeper's head. Goal! Croatia flattens the score: 3 - 3. Extra time is inevitable! Although the Spaniards were able to deliver two more shots on goal. Result of the 1/8 finals of Euro2020 Croatia - Spain: 3 - 3.

Additional time

Croats actively started extra time. On 92 minutes Orsic shoots wide of the goal. On the 96th minute, Kramaric breaks through. The goalkeeper did it with difficulty, but he did it.

On the 100th minute, Morata punches very strongly and accurately! Goal! Spain lead: 3 - 4. In the 103rd minute, Oyarzabal scores another goal for Spain: 3 - 5. As a result, the Spaniards took the score.

This time, the Croats were no longer able to recoup. As a result, the Spaniards press the Croats and reach the ¼ of the final.

As expected, Croatia was able to show character and was close to a sensation. But she could not play reliably in defense.