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Alexis Sanchez is ready to leave Manchester United
Alexis Sanchez In January, one of the players in attacking Manchester United is rumored to be leaving. Alexis Sanchez is reportedly ready to leave Manchester United in January 2019. Sanchez, who came to Manchester United at the beginning of last year, is reportedly very difficult to play for Manchester United. Because of these difficulties, so he did not contribute much to the Red Devils. Later, he was increasingly criticized by the Manchester United manager. So in the last many matches he just sat on the bench and was often replaced by Anthony Martial. As reported by The Mirror, he is rumored to have been very bored with the situation at Old Trafford at this time. He reportedly was very ready to leave from there. Image Source Although at first, Sanchez accepted if he deserved to be reserved by Jose Mourinho, perhaps because of his not-so-good performance when competing. He realized he appeared under the standard Mourinho wanted. However, the longer he often sits in a replacement chair. Jose Mourinho trusted Anthony Martial more often than Sanchez. So he grew furious. The climax was when the match with the Young Boys in the Champions League yesterday, he must also be reserved for Mourinho and replaced with Anthony Martial. He was getting angry. Sanchez feels he has no future with Manchester United, Mourinho's English giants. Image Source Alexis Sanchez is rumored to be sailing to PSG. PSG has been reported to have been looking at Sanches for a long time, since the start of this season. This has convinced many people when PSG reportedly wants to sell Neymar next summer. Therefore, Sanchez has sent his agent to resolve the matter.