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IMAGE SOURCE Some couple of days ago I wrote a blog about Usain Bolts scoring exploits when Central Coast Mariners played a friendly match with another Australians club side. Bolt’s explosive performance was in a bid to impress the clubs management in other to secure a contract. Unfortunately, Bolts dream of becoming a professional footballer with the Mariners is not to be. This is so because the club who agreed to grant Bolt unfettered access to train indefinitely did not find the former king of sprint worthy enough to sign him up at the end of the day. Bolt was able to showcase his scoring potentials in the few friendly matches he played for the club side. IMAGE SOURCE The club decided to end his test period after it has failed to agree on a timely and suitable deal when it met with Bolts agent Ricky Simms together with external partners for a commercial solution that will fit in comfortably with all the parties involved. “The Central Coast Mariners and Usain Bolt representative Ricky Simms announced some couple of hours ago that Usain Bolt's indefinite probationary period with the Mariners is over, with immediate effect,” the club said in a statement. Usain Bolt will not be a professional at the Central Coast Mariners, the Australian club has ended Friday the test period of the former king of the sprint who dreamed of an unprecedented conversion footballer. This is a dream dasher for the former sprinter who wanted to achieve an unprecedented conversion from a professional sprinter to a professional footballer. The eight-time Olympic champion had been training since August with the small club based in Gosford, near Sydney, hoping to convince the Mariners to grant him a pro contract. IMAGE SOURCE So Bolt’s dream is finally at an end with the mariners, the pulling of the plug is not what Bolt will want but it has happened. This may or may not be the correct decision by the management of the club. I think he should reconsider the two-year contract that was offered to him by Maltes Club Valletta FC which he turned down early last month. Other offers may be forthcoming, but the discouraging aspect of the whole saga was that Bolt really struggled to impress only for leave without a deal. The good thing is that the parting between Bolt and the club was done amicably, it doesn’t matter whether bolt wasn’t good enough or the fact that they were unable to reach a suitable agreement with the third party. Bolt has done pretty well for himself being a champion in his own right. This door might have closed; another one may be opened soon enough. Also, i like it that Bolt was bold enough to try out another trade having excelled in a previous one. Who was it that said “if you are successful in just one thing, then you are a failure”? Being a winner and a goal achiever, i consider this disappointment for the 32 year old as a temporary set back which may be a stepping stone to the abundant vistas of opportunities out there in the sporting world. i wish him the best in his quest to become a professional footballer and hope that he secures a contract soon enough. Tell me what you think, will Bolt be able to secure a contract with any professional football club? Thank you for stopping by, sincerely @izge

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