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An imprisonment sentence of 75 years for a Mexican representative Omar Ortiz, a Mexican goalkeeper and former national player will spend the rest of his life behind bars due to criminal activities Ortiz has been found guilty of participating in three drug cartel abductions, including Armando Gomez, the husband of popular Mexican singer Gloria Tevi. Ortiz, known under the nickname "Cat", was arrested in January 2012 and was detained in a prison cell, linking the evidence with three people for three and receiving $ 4,100 for everyone, and the court pronounced high prison sentences. given that he is 42 years old, that means he will be lifelong for a slave. Ortiz committed the acts between 2011 and 2012 when Abil was suspended from football for doping. He often fell asleep in troubles, and local authorities accused him of smoking cocaine and trafficking. Otherwise, he is a former member of Monterey, Chiapas, Nessacsa, Atlanta, and there is one performance for the Mexican team. Real leads the strong competition for the transfer of Elif Elmass The current European champion, Spanish Real Madrid, English Tottenham and Italian Lazio are among the clubs that are interested in transferring Macedonian football representative Elif Elmas (19) from Fenerbahce, according to the Italian internet portal "Kalchoomerka". Representatives of the Royal Club several times followed the performances of the talented liaison player, which football experts believe would be faster if it was performing in one of the strongest European national championships. Lazio, on the other hand, considers Elmas as a possible substitute for Serbian player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, and in Tottenham he sees an alternative to Belgian Musa Dembele. For the Macedonian footballer, German Borussia Dortmund has expressed interest, which recently left without Cristian Pulisic who went to Chelsea. Elmas, which is estimated at 7.5 million euros from the site specializing in the values ​​of the players "Transfarm", has a goal this season in 25 appearances for Fenerbahce in all competitions. Kaylor Navas finally announced his unpleasant situation: I will leave Real Madrid only in one case King Felipe Fourth this afternoon awarded Keilor Nawas's national sports prize for achievements made by the Costa Rican guard on the net, and during a ceremony in Madrid, the goalkeeper of the European champion took the opportunity to address to the audience about his situation in the team. Kaylor Navas after a long time stood between the positions on yesterday's match between Real Madrid and Leganes in the Cup after injury earned Thibault Courtois, and it will certainly repeat it in at least two more matches, before deciding to fall again to Santiago Solari who undoubtedly has given preference to Belgian goalkeeper. The role of the reserve goalkeeper is definitely a new situation for Kaylor Navas who won three Champions League titles as the first goalkeeper, and now he said that he would leave the club at the moment he thinks he has no chance to fight for the starting position. - I will leave Real Madrid at the moment when I think I have no chance to be a starter, only in that case. I always work for it, I work to be a starter, but there is a person who decides about our work and makes decisions. We will see what the future will bring, I am at the maximum available to the coach. In these difficult moments, we must all be united, "said Navas. Manchester United is clear to Mourinho: Now is the move for Florentino Perez ?! As a reminder, the Portuguese during the past month, after defeating Liverpool, earned a rejection of the bench of the Red Devils, and replaced Ole Gunnar Solskyer. Given that there was a valid contract with the club until the end of the 2019/20 season, the Portuguese was paid 15 million pounds due to his resignation. This information for Daily Mail has reported a source close to Mourinho who adds that it has been decided now when it comes to Manchester and the Portuguese coach and that he can now start looking for a new club. Mourinho has no intention of hurrying, and he would not even mind having to wait for the season to end before taking over a club. British San, reported that an agreement on the payment of a sum came after the meeting of Mourinho, Mendes and Sydney's executive president Ed Woodward. The Spanish media reported that Mourinho would not be out of work for a long time and that in the next few weeks he would have been selected as a new Real Madrid coach. Florentino Perez wants to return the "Special" to "Bernabeu" although it did not prove to be the best in his first term. Spanish journalist Frances Aguilar has said that Mourinho wants to return to the royal club, but that he had previously set two conditions before Perez as far as the January transitional deadline. "Mourinho has recently rejected the offer from Benfica, and then he called Perez. He told him that there was no problem taking over that club, but set two conditions. He wants Perez to take reinforcements in the defense, and an attacker who has already proved himself a golfer, "the Spanish journalist said. Obviously, Mourinho is not pleased that Karim Benzema is the only choice in the attack, and the French striker is not overly effective in the last few years. But, for a long time, Mourinho will really come back soon. Solskjær: MATCH AGAINST TOTTENHAM MAKE OUR clearer picture of where you are Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskayer pointed out the upcoming Tottenham match as a serious test. "Red Devils", who have won 5 wins in 5 matches since the appointment of the Norwegian legend, for the first time under his leadership, reign in front of a team that is ahead of them in the Premier League. The meeting is Sunday at 17:30. "Wembley's visit to Tottenham is a serious test, but we look forward to the competition, because it will give us a clearer picture of where we are, compared to the leading teams," Solskyer said. Manchester United is 10 points behind Tottenham Hotspur, and in August "cocks" reached a landslide victory of 3: 0 in the middle of "Old Trafford". Tuchel angry: This will not happen to Barcelona and Real for another 100 years PSG experienced elimination in the League Cup after losing 2: 1 from Gengham, a game that will still be remembered in that three penalties were awarded against the current football champion in France. The referee on three occasions showed a white spot in favor of the guests, the last one in the referee's replay when the young Turam who previously missed the first penalty hit the final 1: 2. The elimination in the Cup certainly left disappointed people from the French capital, and especially angry was Thomas Tuhell who after the turn of the match made an interesting comparison. - This is incredible, I do not remember when I saw three penalties on one match for just one team. The second penalty I do not want to comment on. They looked at the VAR, but in the end they did it again. There was no contact, it was funny. What happened to us tonight, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Bayern will not happen for another 100 years. No judge will award three penalties against them, - said the angry Tukhel. How did the Bosman rule change the football world? Aene was officially confirmed the transfer of Aaron Ramsey to Juventus, and he will join the Italian champion at the end of this season, after his contract with Arsenal expires. This transfer takes place thanks to the Bosman Rule. What is it and how does it apply to the world of football? The Bosman rule allowed greater dynamism and freedom in modern football by allowing the player to transfer to another club after his contract expired, without the club signing him with an obligation to pay compensation for his transfer. The year is 1990, and Belgian player Jean-Marc Bosman's contract with his Liège club expires, after which he decides to make a transfer to the French club Dunkerk. But Dünzererk says they do not intend to pay transfer damages for him and Bosman, and Liege does not intend to release the player without receiving money in return. Bosman is forced to stay in Liège, but the club decides to reduce his pay because he is no longer the first person. As he feels damaged, Bosman decides to bring his case before the European Court, citing several of the rules imposed by FIFA relating to the free movement of football players. On December 15, 1995, the court ruled that players can freely transfer to other clubs after their deal has ended, and since this rule is inspired by the Jean-Marc Bosman case, the court decides to be named after a Belgian footballer. If you want to learn more about the Bosman Rule, you can watch the video of Tifo Football, which explains in detail the process of occurring. Over the years, the rule has undergone several minor changes, but the essence has remained the same: freedom of movement for players not bound by a contract. The most famous transfers made using the Bosman Rule are: Transfers of Edgar Davids from Ajax to Milan (1996); Steve McManaman of Liverpool in Real Madrid; Sol Campbell from Tottenham in Arsenal, Robert Lewandowski of Borussia Dortmund in Bayern Munich and Andrea Pirlo from AC Milan in Juventus. The last in the arena is the transfer of Aaron Ramsey, whose Arsenal deal expires at the end of this season. Thanks to one of the members of the Bosman Rule, Ramsey had the right to negotiate with other teams six months before his contract expired, so he decided to continue his career in the Italian champion Juventus. What did Pepep tell us about his new rival? Manchester City on Monday in the 22nd rounds of the premiership of the Premier League is expecting an awkward match against Wolverhampton, a team that has demonstrated that they are a real nightmare against the strongest teams in the elite rankings. The Spaniard is aware that he is expecting a tough match, and during the press conference he used the opportunity to comment on the new coach of Manchester United. "His start was much better than mine, I lost the first game, and the second I played a draw. He won all four matches in the Premier League, and he also celebrated in the FA Cup, I watched some of the games they played and were very good. It's not my place to talk about other opponents, there's no waiting for a sword with Wolves around the corner, "Pep said. It must be noted that the Norwegian was also fortunate with the schedule, and the first tough deal will be on Sunday where he is visiting Tottenham. Incredible: Polish legend will play for free for a bankrupted giant !? One of the biggest Polish clubs, Wisla Krakow is facing bankruptcy, so it is unclear whether it will end the season in the first-class association. And now negotiations are underway to sell the club. They are also struggling with team building, but these days, they should receive great and unexpected reinforcements, and it is about Jakub Balshchikovski. Former Borussia player Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Fiorentina is ready to play free for Wisla by the end of the season. He started training for the club he played from 2004 to 2007 and from where he moved to Borussia Dortmund. Today he is 33 years old and could choose to complete his career in a rich league, but he decided to help the giant in the end. The giants remained with "hooded sleeves": De Liht made his final decision ?! From the transfer of Matthias De Likhtt in this transitional period will be nothing, media from the Netherlands say. This probably the most promising stopper of today, has been associated with the departure of Ajax for weeks, for his services "bite" numerous giants, but until the transfer at least this winter will not come. Numerous Dutch media reports that de Likhtt, in agreement with club leaders, decided to stay and help Ajax in the Eredivisia title battle. Manchester United, PSG, Barcelona and other giants who are leading the battle for de Likhtt will have to wait for the summer to take part in the battle for transfer, and speculate that Ajax has set a price of 50m euros for him, a price that does not is a lot for the mentioned teams. It is worth pointing out that Matthias de Liecht is not even 20 years old, and has already reached 79 matches for the first Ajax team and 11 in the Dutch national team. Nikola Kalinic is the winner of the "Golden Kant" In the Italian Serie A each year, the Golden Bin award for the worst intensification for the previous season is awarded. For the 2017/2018 competition season, the award goes to Nikola Kalinic. The Croat in the summer of 2017 stepped up Milan from the ranks of Fiorentina for 22m euros. The golgeter did not celebrate in the Rossoneri jersey, although he received great trust from Vincenzo Montella and then by Genaro Gattuso. He played 41 games for Milan last season in all competitions and scored a total of six goals. When your job is to give away goals, only six scored in 41 games and is not as good averages. Not only did he give a lot of goals, the Croat did not realize hesitation, and Milan's fans will remember that after that. This great game he plays in the shirt of Atletico Madrid, where he is also not a goalkeeper. In 15 games, he scored three times in the shooters' list. Chaos in Milan, the leadership and the players in the clinch For the week, the Supercup of Italy is playing, on January 19, Serie A continues, and nothing happens in Milan, except for conflicts. There are no reinforcements, the atmosphere is desperate and there is no way out of this situation. A new problem came with the sale of Hakan Chalhanoglu after director Gazidis prevented his transfer to Leipzig at the request of coach Ghatoso. "While I am a coach, Hakan remains with us," said Gatoso, although the Turk did not meet expectations for the past 18 months. That led to a conflict with Leonardo, who had already negotiated all the conditions for the passage to Germany and now wants to lose money. Leonardo is in conflict with Higuain, who told him to begin training with full steam that he did not like the Argentine. Paul Pogba succeeded in becoming a hit on social networks: With this move, "Schmucker" managed to laugh fans Manchester United players are preparing for Dubai in preparation for the season's Premier League season, but also in the Champions League. The fans of "Red Devils" were especially interested in one detail during the interview with the club's player, Paul Pogba. As he spoke to a journalist, one ball was pointed towards Pogba, and he noticed it on time, so "Schmekereski" stopped and continued the conversation. Do you remember Shunsuka Nakamura? The Japanese at 40 years got - a new deal! You are seated at the Japanese star Shunsuke Nakamura, a footballer who many remember as an excellent free kick and as a star that has gained all the glory in the Scottish giant Celtic. For Nakamura in recent years few have heard, but he is playing football in his native Japan and is a member of Jubilo Iwata, a club that was once trained by the former Macedonian selector Goko Hadzievski. Nakamura, who is already 40 years old, received a new contract yesterday from his club and apparently has no intention of retiring. The Japanese signed a contract for this 2019, and announced that it will be standing next year, if it feels good on the ground. Otherwise, Nakamura became especially famous with the incredible free kick 13 years ago against Manchester United to win the Champions League 1-0 against Celtic. Today Dragoslav Sekularac will be buried Today at 2.30 pm one of the best players from Stip, Dragoslav Sekularac, will be buried in Belgrade. He was a legend of Red Star and one of the biggest football charmers in this region. The opera will be held at 2 pm, while the commemoration will be at 11 am in Media Center at the "Rajko Mitic" Stadium. Dragoslav Shekularac died on January 5th in 82 years of age as a consequence of a stroke. Sheki's death grieved all the fans of the former Yugoslav countries, who admired his incredible parties in the Red Star. Neymar will shake the world again this summer: a blueprint for a transfer is concealed at a secret meeting in Brazil! Brazilian superstar Neymar 18 months ago has shaken the world with a transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a world record 222 million euros, which he himself "paid" with a check to go to Paris. But the Brazilian quickly repented and from a long time wanted to return to Spain. In the past period, it was speculated that Real Madrid had a plan to bring Florentino Perez with a move to get double enjoyment - a star in the team after Cristiano Ronaldo, an actor who was a member of Barcelona. But it's already certain that Real has given up Neymar and that Perez's first goal is to hire Eden Azar. But Neymar's return to Spain is possible again in his former club Barcelona, ​​where he spent five years after coming from Santos. Neymar misses moments with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, who are his great friends, plus the club's compatriot Felipe Coutinho. And that the plan to return to Catalonia is ready, publishes Radio Catalunya, referring to relevant information. Named, Neymar's father had a secret meeting with the representative of Barcelona, ​​Andrea Carrie, and this couple met winter in Brazil and discussed the transfer. But interestingly at the meeting was one of the most controversial managers, Israeli Pini Zahavi, a lone who participated in the transfer of Neymar to PSG, and because of this, the tile is slowly being tapped about the possible transfer of the Brazilian to Barcelona this summer. Reportedly 200m euros should be the damage Barca will pay to PSG. If this is added to the fact that Parisians have serious troubles with UEFA's financial fair play and are in a deep minus of 170m euros, it even more boils the atmosphere that Neymar is one foot practically at Camp Nou. PSG is already certain that he will try to keep Neymar, but the player in the end with his dissatisfaction should only be the spark that will push the return to Catalonia. Otherwise the father of the footballer and Barca's representative in November had the first meeting in London when they agreed to start the process of returning Neymar to Catalonia. MONAcO HERO HOPE WITH THREE DEFENSE AND ONE ACHIEVEMENT After the poor results in the home championship and the fierce battle for survival, Thierry Henry finally took something from his hand. His team was placed in the League Cup semi-final thanks to a crazy young goalkeeper. Monaco in the quarterfinals in the League Cup met with Rehn, a match that ended 1: 1. Then there was a long and painful execution of penalties, which lasted as many as 11 series. The hero finally came out of the 20-year-old prince goalkeeper, Loik Badiashill who not only defended three penalties, but managed to give the latter. the goalkeeper from the opposite camp first crushed a goal, and then Loick beat him in the final 8: 7. What a hero. The last penalty At other quarterfinal matches Strasbourg eliminated Lyon, Bordeaux passed Le Havre, and Gengampe made a sensation in Paris. Hosts with Neymar scored in the 62nd minute, but for the guests there were three penalties. One got up, but hit those in the 81st and 93rd minute. The hero of that meeting was the son of Turham who set the final 1: 2. Ramos is stopper and celebrates a goal record - 100 career goals Real Madrid's captain, Sergio Ramos, wrote a story last night, thinking that although he is defensive, he can boast a goal record, which many dream of - 100 goals in a career. Ramos has stopped, but apparently has incredible attacking quality, so he managed to pass the magic limit for both the team and the league that is top, and many attackers who played in Shania or other five-league leagues have failed to reach such a career effect. Ramos has proved very often over the past few years as a rescuer of Real Madrid, scoring many key goals with a header in the Spanish and Champions League. The bulk of these goals, even 80 are in the Real Madrid shirt. View image on Twitter Total War: Inter, Juve and Milan are fighting for the "new Pirlo" Italy has always been a talent nurse, although in recent years the country's national team has had a problem with the results and has not played at the last World Cup. Last in the series is Brescia's 18-year-old footballer, Sandro Tonali, who has already received the nickname "the new Pirlo". He was interested in Inter, Milan and Juventus, who are struggling to reach his signature. Brescia wants 30m euros for his football player and does not want to hear about less than that. Chelsea, whose professional staff has been tracking the performances of Tonals for a long time, is also in the competition. Wish list: Five attackers who can arrive in Barcelona in this interim period The Spanish champion Barcelona has gone great on all fronts, but that does not mean that he does not work to reinforce the squad for now and in the near future, and that's what the transfers of defender Jason Murillo and Jean-Claude Todibo talk about. But here the Catalan giant does not want to stop and intends to step up the effort by first wanting to get rid of Munir El Hadadi to whom his contract ends at the end of this season. Messi, Suarez and Dembel are hoping to be a striker. There are several options and desires, and these five are on the list: -Fernando Llorente from Tottenham Hotspur -Kevin Gameiro from Valencia -Alvaro Morata from Chelsea -Timmo Werner of the Republic of Leipzig and -Kissifoff Pythetk from Genoa UEFA will improve the rules of financial fair play! German Bild writes that UEFA plans to adopt new rules that will apply to the Financial Fair Play, so clubs can spend as much money as they earn by selling cards, sponsorship contracts and TV rights. So far, top clubs such as Manchester City and PSG spend incredible sums of money, and so far managed to avoid severe fines and have only cash. Clubs can transfer money to transfers in installments for up to three years, and not as many years ago. For example, Barcelona's PSG paid 222 million euros to Neymar. Because of signing a five-year contract, the calculation of the financial fair play is now divided into more than 44 million euros annually. If the new rule applies, then PSG will owe 74 million a year to three years, which means that it will have to have more revenue to afford such a transfer. The UEFA Secretary-General is demanding severe penalties for violations of the rules. "If the rules are not respected, teams from the Champions League will be disqualified without distinction, no matter how familiar a club is," the secretary said. Robben pointed out which team is the favorite for the cup in the Champions League Veteran Arjen Robben plays his last season in the Bayern Munich jersey, a season in which he will try to win as many trophies as possible, and in that way the ideal way to forgive the Allianz Arena. But it will not be easy at all, before the "Bavarians" are many challenges, and perhaps the biggest in the Champions League where they will measure the strengths with the best English team in this campaign Liverpool. According to Robben they received the toughest possible opponent at this stage, a team that according to him is the main favorite for the title in the elite competition. - Liverpool is again great, just like last year when they came to the finals, so I see them as a favorite for the Champions League triumph. For us this was the worst draw, but it will be a great challenge. We have to look at ourselves, to work hard and to improve ourselves. If we have a good day playing as we know, we can surely make Liverpool a lot of trouble, "said the experienced Dutchman. Salah is the second year in a row for the African Footballer of the Year Egyptian striker Mohammed Salah has been elected the best African footballer for the second consecutive year. The Liverpool star received the award at the official Dakar ceremony. As in the 2017 election, Salah beat his club colleague Sadoi Mane, and Pierre Emerick Obama won the third place. The selectors of the 56 member states of the African Football Confederation voted in the election of the Confederation. "Another great recognition for me. I am proud to receive the prize for the second time and dedicate it to my homeland Egypt, "Salah said briefly. The best scorer of the Reds was named best on the African continent and in the BBC's choice. Egypt will be organized this summer by the African Nations Cup One of the blackest contingent football nations of the Black Container, Egypt, will host the African Nations Cup in 2019, confirmed the African Football Confederation after a meeting yesterday in Dakar, Senegal. Continental competition will be held in June and July, as last December, Cameroon lost the right to organize the next edition of the Cup. The championship will be played from June 15 and July 13, and 24 national teams from this continent will take part. The title will defend Cameroon's selection. who defeated Egypt at Salah and coach Cooper at the championship in Guinea two years ago. Iniesta for his unfulfilled desire: I regret that I did not have the opportunity to play together Once Iniesta has left Barcelona, ​​he often uses his free time to talk about the events in his club, but also about his past. In the last interview for "RACE1", Iniesta was asked what is his unfulfilled desire and what is his idol. The Spaniard did not hide and discovered that his unwavering desire was to play with Michael Landrup. "My idols were Landrup and Guardiola, with Pep I had the opportunity to play at least in the training. Unfortunately, I never played with Michael Landrup and that is my unrealized desire, "Iniesta said. At this moment, Iniesta is wearing the shirt of the Japanese Vision Kobe