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The wife of the captain of Cardiff City FC .Stejsi Amber Ward photo - and the wife of the ex-player in the Premier League (еnjoy)
Sean Morrison, captain of Cardiff, may not be a player who will remain remembered, but his and that, as attractive wife Stacy Amber Ward, would certainly want to remember ... Good Stacy is considered one of the most beautiful wives of a Premier League player, and many thought he had the best and deepest neckline in England. Stacey is very active on social networks, often poses in attractive daily combinations, and her fantastic builds are always in the "foreground". Her husband at this moment is the leader of Cardiff, a team that is at the 16th position on the Premier League table. There are more than 50,000 followers on Instagram ... linked - content The wife of the former Premier League star Jermaine Penant again set fire to the Island ... Alice gives a New Year's discount, who wants to "get in" with her in the room, pays twice as much (PHOTO) Alice Gadwin is once again on the cover of the island media, again due to the things she is quite recognizable. Namely, recently, Alice made her own website where followers could pay ten dollars a month to get access to her bedroom. Whether because of the upcoming films that follow Otrovite, or she nodded a bit more, Alice got to the headlines because of the monthly discount she gives. That is, the "entrance" in her bedroom now will not be worth four pounds a month ... What is not something new, given that Alice is dealing with this for a long time, is, and a month ago she was involved in a scandal when in V. Britain showed a scene with sex scenes with her husband and her husband. Alice, who records "hot scenes", and for which she is charging, and doing so well, has been earning serious money for years, not only "surviving" her, but now also the former boyfriend. For a reminder, Haddin had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo while the famous Portuguese played for Manchester United. lament your eyes well and then right for your wives in the sleeping room for a faster sleep ... (хааахаахах) I hope that you enjoyed getting fresh with fresh information in the near future. great salutation with respect