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He's magic you know Mauricio Pochettino
First June is approaching quickly bringing us the most important football game in Europe where Liverpool and Tottenham will face each other to discover who is number one in Europe this season. Tottenham news said that H.Kane and H.Winks will be ready for final which means that coach Pochettino will have the strongest squad after long time. That brings up question which starting 11 will he pick up for final ? How to be fair toward main star of club Hary Kane, scorer of goal for passing group stage against Barcelona away and hat trick against Ajax Lucas and scorer of two against Manchester City Son ? All three available and all three attackers ? Can he allow himself luxury to play with 3 attackers against Liverpool ? I don't think so at least not in 4-3-3 formation. Will he put Eriksen backward to defending midfielder position with Sisoko while Ali, Son and Lucas make midfield front line with H.Kane in attack ? Will he maybe put Wanyama or Dier and sacrifice Son or Lucas or will he put H.Kane on the bench to have strong solution for later stage of the game ?He's magic you know Mauricio Pochettino! What would you do if you are at magician's place ? I would first eliminate hydrogen bomb - Trippier from right back position and put Aurier there. I would not put Sanchez or Foyth in this game in any case, they are to unreliable at the moment with big prone to mistakes. For central defenders I have no doubt Alderweireld and Vertongen, left back Rose. I don't like Rose much but I think he improved in last couple of games. Defend midfield I would give to Winks if he is full ready. If he is not Waynama or Dier which is big dilemma. I will choose Waynama because Dier's appearance against Bournemouth was dreadful. Next 3 should be Sissoko, Erisken and Dele Ali. In attack I would let H.Kane and Lucas play. With all respect toward Son he played close to nothing since scoring two against City in Champions League. I would bring him in later stage of the game. So my starting 11 would look like this: Lloris, Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertongen, Rose, Winks(Waynama if winks is not 100% ready), Sissoko, Eriksen, Dele Ali, Kane, Lucas. Which 11 from Spurs would you pick up for this final game ?Let's see if anyone can guess what will magician do in final.