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Hot competition won Champions League tickets in the Premier League
Image Source The process of fighting for tickets to the Champions League in the Premier League is getting fiercer. The defeat of Wolves yesterday opened a new chapter in the process of fighting for Champions League entrance tickets. For Manchester United, the defeat felt so painful. Because this is the second defeat after 18 days by the same clash. After previously they fell in the FA Cup quarter-final on April 17 with a final score of 1-2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as the Manchester United coach, admitted that his foster children made some fatal mistakes that benefited the host. The first was the question of a young red card in the 57th minute, which made Manchester United's defense disintegrate. As a result of that defeat, Manchester United were only able to collect 61 points and are still stuck at number 5 in the premier league standings. Manchester United still have to fight with several other clubs to win the Champions Entrance ticket. Arsenal are above the United Statesster with 63 points, Tottenham Hotspur 61 points, Chelsea are in the acquisition of 60 points. While Manchester City are still ranked second with 77 points, they may be a little safer than others. Although a little disappointed, Norway coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains optimistic that Manchester United will be able to restore their confidence in the remaining six matches. He also added, his team will be able to collect 15 points in the next 6 matches.