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Red card from us ARDA TURAN. famous football player Arda Turan, who did it again. Famous football player known for his frenzy as we know, on March 11, 2018, married Aslihan Dogan. Aslihan Dogan, who is now pregnant, was not very active in social media after the events that happened the other day. The other day in Istanbul Emirgan, Arda Turhan, who fought with Singer Berkay, took its place in the magazine press. During this fight, the singer Berkay's nose was broken and surgery was specified. The reason for the fight is due to Arda Turhan's assault on Berkay's wife, Özlem Ada Şahin. Columnist Esin Övet'ın, according to the article '' '' '' '' '' After hours of midnight went to have fun with his wife in Emirgan Berkay's nose Arda Turan broke the news spread at a time. But what happened to Arda Turan, Berkay's nose had broken. As far as I know, he was good friends and friends. I called Berkay and the phone was off. Then I immediately called his wife Ozlem. And I said, "Tell me what I'm craving isn't true." He said to me, "Unfortunately, it's the right Esin, Berkay's going into surgery." Berkay and his wife are going to have fun at a place in Emirgan. Arda Turan at his side tables having fun with her boyfriends. And then it's just like that. Here is what Özlem Ada Sahin said in his mouth: "Esin, suddenly touched my arm touched my ears and 'I'm not married I would not miss you. You're beautiful girl.' I said, 'What do you say to yourself. Berkay saw and heard. Then Arda' he said, "I am sending my wife and now we Talk like a man ." At that moment he turned to me Berkay 'Let me send you home,' he said. And he was turning his head so quickly that Arda blew up. It happened at a time. Berkay never touched him once. He didn't hit him once. Just calmly, let me send Özlem 'man will talk men' he said after the fist. They took Berkay out of there. They took us directly to the hospital. It's going into surgery at 4:00. What if something happens to him? Berkay's voice and someone who earns bread. Will work? I know Arda's wife. Greetings, we sit, we get up. Wife pregnant at home. Will work be inspired? " He made this statement. No, I have a wife who is pregnant at home. You're hanging on someone else's wife and breaking that guy's nose and hospitalizing him. The real tragedy continues later and Arda Turan buys a gun after the incident, where he got to the hospital at that time Berkay'ın goes. He says: "I didn't know you were your wife. Kill me, I'll regret it too much. Arda Turan, the incident was reported as a discussion of honor; however, the situation was simply a fight. Here is the full description of Arda Turan: "Today I would like to give a brief explanation about the news in the newspapers. communicating A simple discussion has taken place, but the reason is not as described. It is not possible for such a thing to be possible. Get past both sides. " WE DONT BELİEVE YOU... Anyway, Arda Turan is a mockery of social media. They kept saying by the users that his ex-girlfriend Sinem Kobal didn't marry him and was so lucky... :)

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