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Lionel Messi Wants Three Stars In Barcelona
This is now presumable that FC Barcelona has been under pressure after losing some of their key players in past few years. Only Lionel Messi is there from the old players of Barcelona and that is not enough. This thought actually came from Lionel Messi himself. He requested Barcelona to signup some new stars who are playing well in past few years as well as now. But to be frank this is now obvious that, A team is not a very good team without a combination of some good players. One good player can not bring you the success you want. Perhaps This is a fact that Barcelona going through a transitional phase in last few years. Though there are some success they've achieved but that's not enough. Barcelona must go for the new stars as suggested by Messi. Suggested Three Stars Leonel Messi has suggested three of the most performing player to take in Barcelona. The names are quite obvious from the point of view to taking over the success they want. As fan also I want this will be the most incredible decision right now. The names are, Mohamed Salah, Paul Pogba, and Christian Eriksen. All three players are performing very well in premier league. Barcelona would get an advantage in terms of signing up them because they are currently in extremely different situation at their respective clubs. Mohammad Salah has been a popular name since he start playing Premier League. He started this season slowly but with consistence for Liverpool but yet has found his old form back. This Egyptian star is one of the best one playing for the Reds under Jurgen Klopp and is unlikely to make the move anytime soon. However, if a club with the reputation and calibre of Barcelona come calling, he could leave the current merseyside to team up with the legend of Lionel Messi Himself. The Second name on the request list is that of Christian Eriksen. According to Don Balon, he predicted that his current project in North London is nearing Completion there and would like to have the opportunity and chance to take a new challenge in the near future. Finally as for Paul Pogba, his stay in London is not quite well perhaps it can be mentioned as less than pleasant. This Frenchman has not yet succeed to live up to his potential and has constantly found himself in the bad books of manager Jose Mourinho. This might be a reason that he also consider jointing a team like Barcelona. Barcelona got linked with all these three players heavily in the recent months in the field and could make the right move in the coming months. Fox Sports Asia Probability Rating: 2/5 While all three Premier League have been linked with them with a great move away from their club in recent few months, it is hard to imagine such a deal is coming through. Paul Pogba seems the most likely to leave Machaster United for Pastures New, however getting Salah and Eriksen will prove to be a challenge for him.