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Original picture Stadium high view If you have never been to the Juventus stadium or simply in any stadium and are curious to see what is around these majestic structures, with this video maybe I could be able to satisfy your curiosity. We will immerse ourselves in the climate inside and outside of a football arena. Last month I had the opportunity to go and see the Serie A match Juventus vs Frosinone, I decided to do a report on everything that goes around the matches before and during it. One of the most advanced Stadium of Belpaese, which reserves many surprises for young and old people. I had been going to the stadium since the days of the old Stadio delle Alpi, where to see the game you needed binoculars so far were the stands from the field, here is a totally another music. So far, the stadiums I have had the opportunity to see inside are the Turin Olympic, Silvio Piola in Novara, Tardini in Parma and the San Siro Stadium in Milan. Three beautiful structures but as a minor visual, as regards the best enjoyment of the game, that of Juventus is a step forward, even if for other factors others can give different emotions and feelings. Inside the Stadium From the outside I had the opportunity to see the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the Amsterdam Arena, some stadiums in London including the Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge and the legendary Wembley, during a month's stay in this beautiful city a decade ago, unfortunately I had no way to visit them inside. A stadium of which I had the opportunity to visit inside and even go down to the filed is another legend, the Maracanà in Rio de Janeiro, before the rebuilding, eleven years ago, a unique and simply fantastic feeling, near the locker rooms there was also a huge room with synthetic grass and goalkeeper who does tricks with the ball where you can shoot with a ball in a door if you want to have fun, amazing! Each stadium has its own history and its own charm, even if their passion for one or another team is a very important element in this regard, those who feel the fans are difficult feelings to tame, their colors can stand out on everything if they are tested. But now it is time to take you inside the Juventus F.C. Stadium. I wish you all a good visit and enjoy the video! 🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟 JOIN THE SPORT REVOLUTION & CONSIDERING TO VOTE US AS WITNESS IF YOU LIKE WHAT WE ARE DOING! Sketch by @ran.koree