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Tottenham new stadium financial impact on their Club
Spurs can't compete with city and Liverpool in terms of fees and wages. As a club, they have to be sustainable and spend within what they earn as a club commercially. City, Liverpool, Utd, and Chelsea all produce much more than them. Spurs can't go out and spend 60 or 70m and the wages. Hopefully, with the new stadium and commercial deals, they will be able to compete on that front in the near future. I feel like levy does back Poch, but he won't invest in what the team needs to give them a proper title challenge, need another midfielder to actually be a commander due to injuries and Dembele going, need another striker better than Llorente and they need to stop playing Trippier and Davies over Rose and Aurier it makes no sense. Image source All this talk about levy out is not appropriate. Levy is trying to get this new stadium sorted for them. When they move in they will have the funds to add quality players. They need to be patient. Poch has done so amazingly he won’t just quit and levy isn’t stupid. Levy knows how good Poch is and will back him. It’s common sense. They have the best manager and players in years and now the stadium is coming. One more season and they can finally be real contenders. So far the work has been Masterclass. The players will stay and Poch will also stay because they know this club is on the brink of something extraordinary. Poch won’t throw his work out the window. He is only 45 and he said he wants to stay. He is committed to this club and wants to win with this club. Fans have super high expectations of this club and team because of how well he has done. Realistically they shouldn’t be doing this well. Poch and levy know they need squad depth and they may not buy anyone this window and they may not win anything this season but the most important thing is the stadium. Both Poch and levy know what to do and no way will levy let this crumble. Fans should be patient and trust Poch and levy. The new stadium is gonna be more than just getting a new stadium, it will change the mentality of the club and they ’ll finally be considered a huge club. Levy came into this club with a vision, he’d truly loved Tottenham his entire life and wanted to make a big club. Which he did, bringing in Poch, the training facilities, the youth setup and now the new stadium. However now, at the most crucial part and the final section of his vision, they are almost completely out of money. Though If Levy can pull this off, keeping Poch and improving the squad to title caliber in the summer he will be an icon at the club forever. People saying Levy out are clueless. Take a look at where Spurs were when Levy took over as chairman and compare that to where they are now. Football, like it or not is a business and Levy is one of the best businessmen in the game. A billion pounds has been spent on this new stadium, the new stadium was built to increase revenue so for the next season or two the priority is gonna be getting consistently into the top 4 to fill the stadium on CL nights. Its frustrating as a fan as they all want trophies to celebrate but think about the bigger picture. Support the team, the staff, the manager, chairman, and owner.