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EFL League One Charlton v Sunderland Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The Skybet league one is slowly drawing to an end. It’s been a long season which has actually produced some spectacular games and wonderful matchups. While this might be true, the ultimate goal of the teams which are in this league would surely be to be promoted to the next round. With that in mind, the teams have battled all season long with the aim of qualifying. While two teams have already booked their place in the championship, other teams that were n the qualifying stages have had to go through the playoffs in order to be promoted. In the end, they are just two teams that are left to battle each other. They are Sunderland and Charlton. Charlton Charlton had an awesome season this year. They would have been confident of their chances in making it to the championship next season. The truth is that in any normal circumstances, this would surely have happened. However, with the rule of the playoff, they were confined to playing their way out in a team of four. Charlton finished the season on 88 points from the total of 46 games. Despite the high score of points, they finished 3rd, three points off Barnsley who finished on 91 points and secured the automatic ticket to promotion. Charlton now faces Sunderland who would also be itching to secure promotion. Sunderland Sunderland has also had a great season and would be thrilled that they have actually been able to make it this far. Sunderland finished the season on 85 points having played the mandatory 46 matches in the league. Their position was 5th and they would have been thrilled that they were able to secure a place in the playoffs. Now, they find themselves in the finals of the playoffs and a glorious chance stands in front of them. A win against hot Charlton would secure that result and bring untold joy to the entire club. Source Form When it comes to the form, Charlton has been in decent form. They have won four of their six matches which they have played. The remaining matches which they have been played in has ended up in losses. One of those losses would include the last semifinal match which was played against Doncaster. However, a much bigger match is here today. They would be looking to make it five wins out of six matches with this game. This would surely ensure that their season ends on a very high note. Sunderland’s form has been a bit tricky in recent times. They have only won once in their last six games which they have played in. The remaining games ended in three draws and two losses. They would be happy that the win came just at the right time. They would be hoping that this remains the same when they play Charlton this week. Source The finals would be a match of grit and only the best team would move on to the championship. It would be simply brilliant. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!