Thanks to Mr. Pete for another week. Happy weekend to you and mama. Last week I predicted that it would be hard to decide a winner, but this week might be weird.

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ጀGolf course has been a headache to me in school. I do well in other courses but when it's for golf, it is my worst enemy.

One early Friday morning, at 🌅 sunrise our sport teacher told us that we all in his class will participate in the forthcoming golf tour competition in Ohio. "You all will have to practice in groups" he said.

Practice began immediately after the announcement. Deep down inside, I was freaking out because the last golf project we did in class I scored 'F', and now a competition? I couldn't believe it. I can't list some golf Tools /equipments not to talk of competing.


It began, my downfall, oh no. I can't even hold this stick. Not to talk of hitting the ball hard enough to fly in the air. I made so many mistakes. The teacher would call me, hey wills what are you doing? Hold that shit and and make 'em fly fly fly.... All eyes was set on me. I began to imagine how life had been for the great Tiger Woods.. Did he pass through all these things through the years?. I looked at the face of my partners, it was written boldly on their faces "you are a looser ". I got angry and upset. I thought about what my dad would say after getting drunk. He said it on occasions 'hit his balls', I kept wondering what it meant... HIT HIS BALLS. I did what I thought it might mean.


I gathered all my energy and weight together to my right hand, buried my legs deep into the ground and slapped the ball with my club, fewwww, that was the sound everyone heard and we all watched my ball fly into the 18 hole. My teacher shouted, what in the earth... He said I should try it again and now everyone focused on my hits. My teacher removed the flag ⛳ from the hole and stood in for the flag. I gave my second hit with Heat and boom, Mr. Beggs was on the ground. We all called emergency and he was taken to the hospital.

That day I placed a ball on his Balls. Ouch that was painful. He fainted. Like real life fainting, actually he is in comma. From that day onwards, I hated golf course with passion.