The incident occurred at an altitude of 277 feet ft. Quetta-based drone-fired drone camera saved life. This incident came when a quarter of 8047 meters high of Scotland was on a high peak broad-packed adventure that suddenly Miss Rick Allen fell missing in Koh-i-ice ice.

36 hours after the incident with Broadcast Pack, a quadruple of busy K2 engraved in the advent of the Net Scoop, discovered the injured Kohima and confiscated his life and movement through a drone drone. During this report reported to the injured colleagues, during this time drone strikes have been monitored by the injured and continuously injured and the guide is going on towards them and providing directive to the participants of the directory. Due to the detection and guidance of the drone Cameron, the injured were able to move the Koh Baha bus to the bus camp. It is the first incident of the nature of drone attacks in the country's history of drone strikes.