IGT In Good Traders Company Review
Now that we have Ads on Scorum I believe that we also need some reviews of these potential investments and products. Here now then is my first review and an attempt to help you try to discern if this investment is right for you. I am not a certified investment manager nor have I been paid to present this review, what follows are just my honest opinions and you should carefully review everything for yourself before you decide either to invest or not to invest in this company. IGT Twitter Page Upon opening the IGT ICO website my first impression was very good, everything looks very professional and of the highest quality. This may seem to be a small point but I have opened more than a few ICO websites that I wondered how they ever thought that they could build a successful Blockchain project when they couldn't even present a decent website. Definitely not the case with IGT which gives me enough confidence to continue looking over the project. Next, I watched the promotional video below; The graphics and visual presentation of the video were outstanding and really stood out for me, which was a good thing because the soundtrack, voiceover, and script reminded me of a cross between a sports hype video and an infomercial which was not the more professional presentation that I was expecting. The use of hype words like "Security" (Something that everyone desires) in conjunction with "We use our own nodes" seems counter-intuitive to me. The idea of them using their own nodes seems to indicate centralization, and centralization would seem to be just the opposite of security to me. But we are just starting on this journey and I am going to withhold judgment on such things until we get into the White Paper and learn more about what all of these keywords and tricky phrases in the video really mean. The "White Paper" Here I will quote excerpts from the white paper and give my thoughts. Page 03 "The team of IGT Company (In Good Traders Company) set a goal - to unite professionals and beginners of the cryptocurrency market on one platform, to let traders make their profits in a comfortable and accessible environment." There are a lot of exchanges out there currently trying to meet this very goal and they have approached this from different directions using various strategies. Most that I have seen provide an exchange for basic trades so that amateurs and beginners can use the service and an advanced exchange for professional traders. So we will hopefully discover as we progress how this team is planning on attaining this goal and what they are doing that will be superior to other Exchanges. Page 04 "To ensure an adequate level of liquidity, the modules - «liquidity aggregators» were developed on the IGT platform, which allow to maintain and provide the proper volume of trading instruments presented on the Platform. We have created a hybrid model of data transferring, processing and storage that involves processing of the data on several levels to ensure maximum speed and security." Liquidity aggregators are very important if this exchange is truly going to have professional level performance. So what is this hybrid model of data transferring, processing and storage all about? Well, apparently they are blending the best aspects of a centralized network for storing and transferring personal information with the security of using blockchain technology in order to record transactions and store permanent records. This will probably give them the ability to use current website technology to provide ease of use and all of the "Bells and Whistles" that you are accustomed to on a major exchange, while at the same time providing you with the security and permanent transaction records offered by blockchain technology. In effect, you can enjoy the best that both worlds have to offer. Page 06 "Availability of fiat currencies is not a universal option on crypto exchanges. We offer a solution to this issue. IGT-CRYPTO exchange is already actively working on connecting the Internet acquiring, which will allow you to withdraw funds in traditional ways, as well as directly use them for trading on the platform." This will be a big deal if they can pull it off although I believe that there are many other exchanges and services that are also actively working on this same issue. Still, if they have the solution in hand and are ready to move forward with it this would very much enhance the usefulness and need for it in the current market. "The regulation of applications’ execution - is a clear set of rules integrated at the program level which is used on the platform when working with trade orders and their processing. Adherence to the regulations allows to exclude the human factor in processing applications, and also makes the implementation of the rules mandatory for all participants: for both the company and users. Following the clear rules makes the work transparent and understandable, and also obliges us to be responsible to the client." This statement is a very big confidence builder, it basically is an automatic way to prevent cheating or deceptive trade practices using an automatic and transparent system of rules. Page 07 "We set a new level of convenience. At the moment, most platforms exist only in the browser version. We decided to follow the path of client-oriented development: • The version of the trading client for PC and Mac; • Mobile application for devices based on Android and IOS." Being able to use the platform across various devices and also be able to keep it open on your desktop separate from your web browser is a very nice feature that any serious investor would appreciate. Page 19 "In addition to classic transfers to a bank account or a payment card, we will provide a convenient solution for using the funds on your account by issuing an individual payment card linked to your balance on the IGT-CRYPTO exchange. The issuance of payment cards is one of our main priorities. Thereby we solve the urgent problem of using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment." After reading through several pages that explained in detail the operation and security procedures that will be implemented on the exchange for all of the various types of trades I came down to this statement. Have you ever wanted to be able to leave a balance on an exchange but you were worried that you might need it in a pinch? Then here is your solution, IGT will have its own version of a debit card. So now if you need money fast and don't have time to fool with transferring it to another wallet or into your bank account then you can just use your IGT debit card to take care of the issue. Page 22 "The use of the Websocket interface allowed us to achieve high processing speeds. Our model is flexible to scale and is ready to work with a large amount of data. In the future, this model will be modified according to the technological solutions that will be presented in the world and accepted by our company." Here is another point where the company combines current technology for ease of use when communicating with the current financial infrastructure while using blockchain technology to record the transactions. This allows the exchange to communicate at high speeds and transfer data with the off blockchain infrastructure currently in use, but they are prepared to transition to the latest transaction resources as these current methods become obsolete. Page 24 "Providing companies with a settlement merchant for the user to make purchases using cryptocurrencies" To me, this is a fascinating and unique concept. Imagine that you and your favorite Internet Shopping site or Box Store retailer both had accounts on IGT. With this system in place, you can simply make your purchases using your IGT card and the funds will be transferred straight from your wallet to the merchant's account. No middlemen, no fees, just instant trade of funds for merchandise all done right on the exchange! Page 26 "Become a part of the IGT community where your opinion is important.." IGT does not plan on being just your ordinary exchange, they are striving to become a fully functioning community with everyone working together for the betterment of each other and the community. So on top of everything else that we have talked over we find that this exchange is also developing a social media platform so that the resources and knowledge of the individual can be exchanged and shared across the platform. This gives me the idea that they are taking customer service to a whole new level! Read More about IGT Partnership with Credits The IGT-Crypto roadmap takes them to 2021 when they plan to be in the top ten of all Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. If you believe that this is possible and you believe in the continued growth of blockchain technology and market, then you should take a serious look at this startup to see if it is the right investment at the right time for you. Page 37 "Becoming the owner of IGT Token, you also become a member of the IGT Community, which gives you the right to enjoy a number of privileges: participation in decisionmaking concerning aspects of further development of the platform through open voting, participation in loyalty programs, free access to increasing the level of the payment card; also participants will receive various bonuses from our company and will be quarterly remunerated with money rewards." When you invest in this ICO you are buying Ethereum based ERC-20 Tokens which will later be converted to the IGT Coins. Owning IGT coins will earn you a lot of rights and privileges on the platform including the debit card, voting rights and automatic inclusion in loyalty programs. Holders will also receive a quarterly income in the form of dividends, and investments that provide for a long-term income is something that of great interest me since my current income is fixed and partially unreliable. ICO Link I have signed up for the ICO so that I could examine the process and give more study before I leap in, but I'm certainly leaning toward trying to build a position as funding becomes available. They are accepting payments in several different cryptos so you have choices if you decide to invest. One of the things that I didn't like was that the payment process was in two steps, you transfer your funds into a wallet first and then purchase tokens out of that wallet. The minimum investment amount is $100 so you must make sure that whatever token you transfer is in amounts above $100 values. Team This team seems very young and lacking in experience. In the crypto space where everything is fresh and new and the technology is in its infancy, I'm not sure if this even means anything right now. (I thought that the ETHOS team was too young to bring that project in and yet it has not only launched but I've been using the EThOS App and wallet on my phone.) Here is a link to the CEO's & CTO's Linkedin accounts. Roman Yefremenko CEO Jarosław Denisov CTO If you want to take a look at the rest of the thirteen team members and three advisors just visit the website and you can find them near the bottom of the home page. Conclusion If you are interested then you should look this project over good yourself and see if you believe that they can actually deliver the product as advertised. If they can then this could turn out to be a very good investment with a lifelong earning potential. Before I do invest I will probably spend more time studying this team and reading what they have been previously involved with and what they are saying on their social media accounts. But I can say without hesitation that I do like the idea and the new approach that they are taking for a crypto exchange and whether I ultimately decide to invest or not I wish them luck and I hope that the succeed.

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