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Why Do We Do This?
Have you ever found yourself sweating or yelling or even crying over one of your teams losing? My Guess is if you're reading this that you, as I have many times, have. These feelings are normal for sports fans of our caliber, but today I am here to ask a simple question, why do we do this? Why do we feel pain for something that in reality has no impact on our lives and we have no impact over the outcome? Why do we sit on the couch for three hours without moving to eat, or even relieve ourselves? Seems a little crazy doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it. The answer to this “Why” question is different for each of us. It could be that you grew up watching the games with your family and it bonded you together. It could be because your strongest passion was playing the sport you know sit on the sideline watching. The point is no matter the reason, what you unites all of us is the insane, exhilarating, heart-stopping task of watching our teams each and every day and this unifying factor is far more important than any of our whys. In a day and age where our society is very segmented and divided, our irrational love for the teams we root for is a constant through line. So I am here to tell you I don’t judge you when you cry, I don’t judge you when you scream, I don’t judge you when you fight… well maybe I judge a little bit on the last one, but you get my point. Keep rooting and cheering because while we may not agree on who we love, we can all agree that we love loving SPORTS!

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