We always have fun watching the NBA because of it's competitiveness. We were entertain of how great every game was played. But sometimes the NBA is not just about the competition or winning games, sometimes it's fun to watch because of some crazy moments or what we called bloopers.

There's a show called "Shaq'tin a Fool" hosted by one of the funniest guys in NBA history Shaquille O'neal. He feature funny moments in this show and make fun of players. Some players has become famous because of many funny moments that happened to them that was featured in Shaq'tin a Fool. Players like JaVale McGee and Kendrick Perkins has become a laughing stock and becomes the center of attraction in this show.

There's also some superstars that was featured in this show. Of course, every players makes mistake. Nobody is perfect and when you did something hilarious in the NBA, Shaq will definitely find you and make fun of you. Even The King, LeBron James is not safe.

Now, I am going to show you a footage of a crazy moment in the NBA and one of the most weirdest and funniest thing that happened in the league in my opinion. Take a look at this:

There's a saying in basketball that says, "Never celebrate too early!", and that was the lesson of this play. Up three with 3 seconds remaining in the game, Michael Ruffin of the Washington Wizards thought that they already took the win and throws the ball up in the air after he steals it but Morris Peterson of the Toronto Raptors catches it with enough time remaining to make a shot and he did it. Toronto hits a three pointer to tie the game after Ruffin mistakenly thought that the game was over.

This will surely be one of the craziest turn over in basketball history. That would be all for today. Have a great day basketball fans!