Basketball is a ball game performed by two teams and in each team consists of 5 people. In one match there are 2 rounds. To win a basketball game, every player must be able to master basketball techniques well.

Basketball is played on a field that is 26 × 14 meters long. This game is played with two rounds and each round is 20 minutes long. With just a 10 minute break that can be used to restore energy while listening to the coach's direction after evaluating throughout the game.

Here are 5 basic basketball game techniques

1. Dribbling technique

The basic technique of basketball dribbling is like dribbling, there is soccer, which is to bring the ball to avoid opponents and attack opponents. The difference is that dribbling in basketball is done by bouncing the ball using an open palm. Not using feet like soccer.

There are 2 dribbling techniques in playing basketball, namely:

a. High dribble

High dribble is done to dribble the ball quickly into the opponent's defense. This technique is usually done when the opponent is away from the player who is dribbling.

b. Low dribble

Low dribble technique is done to defend the ball from the opponent's fight. This technique is used when dealing directly with an opposing player and wants to make a breakthrough that utilizes the opponent's weakness.

Remember, in doing both dribbling techniques you must reflect the ball after making 3 moves / steps. Because if more than that it will be considered a violation and benefit the opponent

2. Technique of passing (passing)

Passing technique is a technique that every basketball player must master in order to play collectively. The passing technique is the movement of throwing a ball towards a player who is a team. You can do Passing using 2 hands or 1 hand. The purpose of passing is to keep the ball from fighting for opponents and to make a breakthrough attack that is mature or deceptive.

Here are some types of passing that can be done:

a. Overhead pass

The passing technique that is done with the ball is overcome by the head. This type of bait is carried out to carry out counter attacks by throwing the ball far into the opponent's defense area. This technique can also be done when you are guarded by opposing players. This overhead pass technique is the right step to prevent the ball from being captured by the opponent when you face the opponent's siege.

b. Chest pass

The passing chest pass technique is a passing technique that is done with the ball in front of the chest. This technique usually uses two hands so that the throw can go straight to a teammate. This technique is the simplest technique with the highest level of accuracy when throwing towards one team player. Tips to make the movement unreadable by the opponent are using a hoax. Try not to see your friends directly, because this will make your opponent read your movements.

c. Bounce pass

Bounce pass is a passing technique that is done by bouncing the ball down and then being received by a teammate. This technique is used to avoid opponent's obstacles. The reason for using this technique is like a chest pass but it's different in how to do it. The advantage of this technique is that it can outwit opponents with ball bounce operands but has a disadvantage when compared to a chest pass which is not able to perform long passes like a chest pass because it is very difficult to do reflections up to long distances.

3. Pivot technique

As the name implies, pivots means piles. Pivot techniques are usually used to do tricks that is by moving the body with the support of one leg and both hands guarding the ball from the opponent's fight. The foot that becomes the pedestal should not shift when turning the body and try to be the foot of the pedestal is the strongest foot.

4. Shooting technique

Shooting technique is a technique of shooting a ball directly into the opponent's ring to get points. This technique is a very important technique in playing basketball. There are many ways you can do to shoot including:

Shoot with the shoot set technique (standing still in place) with one hand

Shoot with a two-handed shoot set technique

Shoot with a jump shoot technique (accompanied by a jump)

Shoot with lay-up techniques (with running, stepping and jumping movements)

5. Rebound technique

Rebound technique is the technique of taking a basketball that fails to enter the opponent's ring. Rebounding techniques are basic basketball game techniques that can make additional points from your friend's failed shots / throws. There are 2 types of rebounds, namely offensive rebound and defensive rebound. Offensive rebound is the technique of taking a ball from a shooting friend who fails and tries to put the ball into the ring again. While a defensive rebound is a technique of taking the ball from an opponent's throw who fails to enter the ring so that the opponent does not have the opportunity to try to put the ball back into the ring. Mastering the rebound technique will save the team from defeat and have the chance to do a counter attack.

5 basic basketball game techniques