Let begin with NBA, yesterday we recorded a very good score line coming from the Philadelphia 76ers stars, the got the better off talking about the Los Angeles Clippers by (122- 113) and for Joel Embid got 41 point on the night, I think this is a great one specially at this time when the really needed the result most and looking at the 76 star they have won 15 straight home game right now in the NBA. It a very good one for the 76 star and looking at Joel Embid performance, already the fans were chanting that he should be the new MVP and the best defensive player in the league not withstanding if you look at the 6 game he as play so far, he has been able to manage at least 30 point a game and that is a good one helping 76 stars and for the team, it a good thing that they have been trying to play as a team, if you look at it critically apart from Joel Embid performance other players do come in to help the team and it really good that they are coming up compared to last season which the struggle to get into the play off which I believe that was not what they wanted, now with the solid start in this season, I believe and hope that the can go far.


Looking at Kyrie Irving now this guy as been doing a lot for Boston Celtic a very Arena win for them, they got the better of Milwaukee Bucks and that game ended 117 by 113 and ended that fire run by Milwaukee Bucks, 7/1 on the series which I can say not a bad one but looking at it the other way, this should save as a tonic for Bolton Celtic.


This season as not been the best of season for Boston Celtic because last season the finish at the top of eastern conference and I thought they were going to build on that this season but unfortunately it did not come out like that this time, Hoping to see what the can do and moving forward they have taken one of the biggest team down at the moment, Milwaukee Bucks with the grid forgetting of the result, it been good for them and 7 to 1 can the moved further and they are already in contention for the player of and I really want to see the top 8 team from the player of next year.

Looking at other result


Oklahoma City Thunder defeated Charlotte Hornets by ( 111 by 107) that one ended, Denver Nugget got that better of Cleveland Cavaliers (91 by 110), looking at Cavaliers , the poor run of form continue as the lost to Denver Nugget despite changing the coach, Larry J say that he do not have a contract just yet since the excite of coach Joe Prunty by a week ago but they obviously need a new coach and the trade season is over so certainly the can’t get new players in any more still properly much later in the season but I don’t is done and dusted for the Cleveland Cavaliers, First 9 game have been a poor run but 82 game is a very long time to go, I think they can achieve something, with Larry J. I tough they are going to get it, his first game they got a victory and this one against the Nugget I didn’t expect him to lose but he has done that, let see what the next game is going to be for him and this guys (Denver Nugget ) seem to be on fire despite the fact that they have lost two games and for Sacramento king, I saw it coming getting of Atlanta hot, for Atlanta hot they seem to be the weak side in the NBA and there is this problem the usually have which is the third quarter gem, the always come very low when it get to the third quarter.