Garnett's career reputation is numerous, and the trophy is even more numerous. He is also the only player after Jordan to "MVP of the regular season MVP + double volley + best defensive player + championship + All-Star Game MVP", but this is the All-Star Game. MVP has become the only trophy in NBA history.

The trophies for every MVP winner in the All-Star Game are the same, but why is Garnett's All-Star Game MVP?

Since that All-Star Game is the well-known Jordan's last All-Star Game, the NBA official specially designed this extraordinary All-Star MVP trophy to thank Jordan for his contributions to the NBA over the years.

But that year's All-Star Game was a wave of ups and downs. Just before the All-Star Game, McGrady and Iverson publicly expressed their willingness to give up the starting position of the All-Star Game to Jordan, because Jordan only ranked in the East in the vote of the fans. The third place in the guard, and Jordan rejected the goodwill of the two superstars.

But things are not finished yet. The media has not let go of Carter, one of the "four major quintess", and asked if he would be willing to give up the starting position. At that time, Carter was selected as an All-Star Beauty fan because he was a member of the All-Star Game. Only played ten games, Carter replied: I am lucky to be selected for the All-Star Game, I have to serve for my fans, I will not give up the starting position.

On the day of the All-Star Game, Carter said that he would give up the starting position before the game. Jordan deserves to have this reputation. Finally, Carter gave up his starting position.

In this way, Jordan is still debuting in the All-Star Game. He is also dismissed by the old man. He also scored 20 points and 5 rebounds in the game, especially in the five seconds before the end of the overtime, facing Marion shooting. The lore, everyone thinks that Jordan is about to get this special All-Star Game MVP trophy, but Kobe Bryant made a three-pointer to form a small O'Neal foul, 3 penalty 2, the two sides entered the overtime again.

In the second overtime, Garnett scored 37 points and became the MVP. Garnett won the MVP trophy for this special All-Star Game. Kobe has been criticized by fans for not respecting Jordan.