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James Harden, who was a monster, eventually became a man
IMAGE SOURCE The Houston Rockets lost 109-116 to Orlando Magic. Houston consistently led the game, but was completely pushed to Orlando in the fourth quarter shutout clash. After the loss of Portland. Ace James Harden's performance went to heaven and hell. Harden was 38 points, 9 rebounds and 12 assists on the day. Despite widening the scope to the last five games, it is an unbelievable record of 38.6 points, 8 rebounds and 10.2 assists per game. As far as Houston's team tactics are derived from Harden's personal attacks, Harden did his best in the mission. However, the action of Orlando was excellent. Unlike the rest of the teams, Orlando did not give Harden much of the double team defense in the outfield. When Harden topped the defender and broke into the paint zone, the big men only responded with cooperative defenses and intended to stop the three-point shot from him. Houston was tied up with a 23.8 percent chance of a three-point shot in Orlando's strategy. Whether or not it was also frustrating. Four-Quarter Interruption Situation When the game was not resolved, Harden chose to settle instead of passing. As a result, both Harden and the team drove him into a pit. All of the persistent 3-point shots bounced off the rim. It was a contrast to the way Orlando scored with several players alternating. Harden had a humiliating attempt to make only one out of 17 triple-shot attempts on this day. Whether it was continuing the terrible performance, it was extremely human aspect today.