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Free Agency NBA: Hot summer for an explosive season
In the summer in the United States where football is just a side sport are concentrated on the NBA free agency. The mechanisms are very different compared to "football" and probably even more interesting and less random. The lottery draft offers to the worst ranked teams of the previous season to aspire to the most interesting young people for example. A well-defined salary, with very high taxes for those who decide to overtake, you can more than a maximum benefit of a great balance and a great show. The first of July of each year, punctual as taxes comes the Free Agency, on which you can acquire players released from the existing contract (Free Agents) or players with expired contract but with a player option ( last decision on the signature is to the player) or a team option (last decision on the signature is to the team where he played last season). In the last 2 cases we speak of restricted free agents or free but restricted players. Unlike what you might think, accustomed as we are to football, the Free Agency session involves very strong players who at the end of their contract are looking for new opportunities, better contracts or new bets. This year all the attention was focused on the choice that would have made the strongest player of the last 20 years, perhaps ever: his majesty Lebron James. At 33 years old, after he played the best season ever, the Chosen One decided to leave his Cleveland to land in Hollywood where the Los Angeles Lakers will try to reacquire the lost dignity thanks to the four-year signed by The King and break down the ubelievable Warriors. The latter managed to place a mortal blow by putting under contract one of the strongest and most stormy centers of the league, that Demarcus Cousins ​​who chose to sign an annual $ 5.3 million to win the ring (DMC could have quietly signed elsewhere for over 20 million a year!). The other great West Queen, Houston, has had to say goodbye to Trevor Ariza and resigned Clint Capela and Carmelo Anthony's purchase of OKC at the minimum wage in a Cousins-style operation, to remain hyper competitive. But what has failed to do San Antonio, who has signed our Belinelli, but has broken with his star Kawhi Leonard, who greeted Texas to settle in the cold Toronto chasing the throne to the East. In San Antonio arrived Poetl and especially DeMar Derozan even if the recent injury of Dejounte Murray has undermined the dreams of glory of the Texans. Denver has managed to take home the most interesting bet, putting under contract the former Boston Celtics Isaiah Thomas who in 12 months has moved from All Star and top 10 of the outcast league due to injuries and bad performance. Very well also Dallas that in addition to the star Doncic, drawn in the draft, has managed to sign Deandre Jordan. In the East, the quality has collapsed due to the goodbye of LBJ at the conference and Philadelphia has not managed to place the bang Paul George, remained at OKC, or to convince Leonard or Lebron James. All unchanged for Boston, which will be able to count on the re-entries of Irving and Hayward from the injuries. Milwaukee greeted Jabary Parker, flew into Chicago, and welcomed the experts Brook Lopez and Ilyasova. In Washington went away Gortat, Clippers shore, inside Howard and Austin Rivers for a dressing room that promises to be hot. For the rest there is great re-founding air in an attempt to make young people grow and create salary space for the Free Agents who will come from Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson and many others. A summer of fire in preparation for a hot autumn for an ever magical NBA that will open its doors on October 16th and will be open to the ring and the Golden State Warriors. Will the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets enough to fill the gap?

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