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Stephen Curry "We need defense to win"
SOURCE It is difficult to win the third consecutive year. The Golden State Warriors are defending champions. He won the 2017 and 2018 NBA championships and is the third consecutive victory this season. It is not an easy challenge. That's why Steve Kerr said, "It's going to be a tougher season than ever before." Golden State is currently 26th to 14th (65.0%) in second place in the Western Conference. It's good enough. However, it is clear that the odds are falling when compared with the previous one. At the end of the current season, he will score 53 wins, the lowest since he was appointed. Where can I find the reason? The first thing that comes to mind is the defense. Steven Curry mentioned the defense after the game against the Sacramento Kings. "We need a defense to win," he said. "Our defense was fine in the fourth quarter." The two teams created a new page in history. In total, both teams scored 41 points in 3-pointers, making them the top three teams in each team. 21 Golden State and 20 Sacramento. The Golden State did not mind the Sacramento 3-point shot. Sacramento allowed 17 points in three-pointers in the first three quarters. The success rate of 3-point shot was 65.4% (17/26). The Golden State gave the lead to 96-103 by the third quarter. However, it was a victory in the fourth quarter by strengthening defense. Sacramento hit 30.0 percent (3/10) in the fourth quarter and had six turnovers. Curry said, "Sacramento's three-point shot was mostly from the transition, and the players did not communicate. In fact, Golden State defenses have become a problem throughout the season as well as Sacramento. The Golden State showed a solid defense with fire-powered basketball. But this season is not the case. He is in 18th place (109.3) in the league expectation league in 100 defense opportunities. League mean below average. It was 11th last season. Therefore, the athletes and the willingness to coach are growing. "I do not think it's a good defense this season, as I have done in the last few years. "I've been on roller coasters all season, I've had a lot of vacancies and I've lost my consistency because I have not played very well, and I'm going to do my best in the future," he said.

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