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Durant And Irving To Knicks Is Very, Very Likely Happening Next Season.
Judging based on the things that are happening right now, it seems very likely that these two All-Star duo could end teaming it up with the New York Knicks next season. Just recently when interviewed Kyrie Irving said that "I’m just going to do what’s best for me,” and that “Ask me July 1.” this is in light of the Anthony Davis trade issue. The replies that Irving is showing right now is in sharp contrast to what he said four months ago in front of the many Celtics fans "I'll re-sign if all you guys still want me". What happen here is an indication that Irving is opening up himself to a signing up elsewhere coming this summer. With the Knicks- Mavericks trade that happened just recently, the Knicks team just indicated to the NBA world that they are capable to pay two max-contracts. That could mean signing up Kevin Durant, this is obvious Kevin Durant is one of the most prized free agent this summer. His talent is one that any team can build up and in his many interviews New York is a city he loves to play for. That is understandable as this is a basketball crazy city with many basketball traditions going with it, nice location and with one of the biggest market team in the NBA. To add to that, his manager, Rich Kleiman, is a native New Yorker and has even joked about someday running the Knicks. Also, Durant maintains a relationship with Perry from the lone year they spent together in Seattle. Royal Ivey—whom Durant once called his “favorite teammate ever” and “best friend in the league”—is a Knicks assistant coach. When things are shaping like this and these two players who described each other as close friends can convince themselves and make another title run. This time at no shadow of anyone or of a super team but just each other as pioneers of a team that can dominate the Eastern Conference and perhaps deserve an NBA championship. Their team up is more possible to happen this time as New York has shown itself to be financially capable, a tandem with any of these two players is a better enticing offer to another basketball superstar than a tandem with Porzingis. Knicks team can package the deal with a team up with a proven star (Durant or Irving) not just with a potential star. By the way, Kyrie Irving grew up in the nearby city of New Jersey and playing near with a winning team that gathers around with adoring fans can be a very enticing offer that Irving cannot afford to pas up. The gamble that Knicks management did on the Porzingis to Dallas may after all provide a better result for them. But who knows, as Kyrie puts it "ask me July 1" then we shall see July 1. Visit website You can also catch me on Hyperspace. HyperSpace uses UBI (Universal Basic Income) principle to give all users FREE tokens every day. Tokens you can use to amplify other content and earn you more income. I am the admin of HyperSports where you can get real and be passionate about your favorite teams or athletes by sharing to us contents about them.