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The living legend of the Dallas surpassed another legend
IMAGE SOURCE Nowitzki rallied 12 minutes and 20 seconds to score eight points and one rebound and two assists in a game against the New Orleans Pelicans. He did not play much time, but he surpassed Chamberlain so hard in the History of players with more than 30,000 points. He scored four points in the first quarter Against the New Orleans Pelicans, scoring two highs in the high post, and surpassed Wilt Chamberlain (31,419). After the game was interrupted, the two team members greeted Nowitzki and the crowd climbed all the way to give a standing ovation to Nowitzki. While Nowitzki has continued to score, he has devoted himself to a diary beyond the legend, and since then, Curt Cole and Nowitzki have responded to each other and the time has come to honor Nowitzki. Nowitzki added four more points and ended the day with a widening gap with Chamberlain. Nowitzki is sixth in the list with (31,424). Michael Jordan (32,292), who is one of seven NBA players who have scored over 30,000 points, he is sixth in Ranking. As he is expected to retire after this season, it's hard to get close to Jordan's record. IMAGE SOURCE He is the first European player to score more than 30,000 points and has already achieved just 30,000 points and 10,000 rebounds in just four of his NBA history. He is on the shoulder side with legendary legends, and he is steadily increasing his regular season appearances. Not long ago, he surpassed John Stockton (1,504), ranking third in 1,510 games. He has averaged 6.1 points (.355 .302.744) and 2.4 rebounds in his 39 games, 13.7 minutes per game. Although he had an average of 12 points in 77 games last season, there are a lot of restrictions following this season. He is not free from aging and he has already joined the ranks of the team, so it is hard to get a coat like before. Nowitzki made his NBA debut in 1998. He made the worst record since his 1998-1999 season debut. Having passed the hurdle at local age, he is the second oldest player to be among the players of this season after Vince Carter. After retiring at the end of this season, he has set another major milestone in his career by eliminating Chamberlain Record at the end of the season.

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