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A Dandy at Vandy or the Smashville in Nashville
Being down 21-3 could cripple most teams.Not this team. A team that was considered one of the hottest teams in all of football. My Florida Gators walked into a bar fight in Nashville. The body blows and grittiness turning it into the nickname for their NHL team's slang term.Smashville. But to really understand this game. You have to take it back to the last time the Gators played a SEC game in Tennesee. A month ago they traveled to Knoxville and played the Vols. The rowdy reptiles we harboring severe heartbreak by becoming the first team since Regan to lose to the Kentucky Wildcats.Fun fact: My uncle was 16 the last time we lost to them. His only child is now 16. Couldn't have planned it any better.The gators were out physicaled and dominated on both lines of scrimmage and showed that the rebuilding in Gainesville of the once proud SEC giant may take a few more recruiting cycles. But then we destroyed the Vols on the road. The game was so out of hand in the 3rd quarter you could hear the Florida fans chanting because so many Vols left Neyland Stadium. Then they went on the road to play Miss State. A team that felt left at the altar. The coach that spent the last 9 years turning them into something respectable left them for the Orange & Blue. A drink sold as "the Mullen" was renamed "the lateral move". For a sweet treat it was pretty salty. Gators won a close one to the sound of cowbells. Against a team that had that game circled on the calendar for months.Then the stunner at home against #5 LSU. Where we outplayed the team many saw as a CFP darkhorse. And then Vandy.A sleepy noon game on the road against a perennial team in the SEC that makes fans go meh.They did not play like it. With odd calls and flags by the officials and un-gator life defensive gaffes. They went up 21-3 in the first half. Florida hasn't come back from that kind of deficit since I was in the 3rd grade.With some gritty play calling and an odd bench clearing near brawl that had the coaches exchange words it was an emotional game that saw the gators come back and win.Outscoring the team hunting for an upset 34- 6 in the second half.We get a bye week before we play SEC East darling Georgia. A team that got the pound in dogpound put on them. Getting smacked by LSU. A team we just manhandled in the 4th quarter last week.One team searches for answers. The other will keep the train chugging. WIth Vandy in the rear view mirror. It will be a long two weeks for the dawgs and gators before we see the showdown in Jacksonville. Comment below your analysis on the game, my gators or even my analysis. Did I overlook something or was I spot on?Keep Scoring!

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