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Scorum Introduction and Verification / Scorum Opinion and Thank the gods we have NFL football tomorrow.
Well, I figured my second post here on Scorum should be the post that introduces me to the community and verifies my account. My name is Daniel and I am a teacher living in Ottawa, Canada. I grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved to Ontario when I was 26. I am a proud father of 3 children who bring me joy and pain every day and whom I adore immensely. I am a very involved parent in all my kids do. Being part of a two home family my children need to have a dad who is 100% engaged and in everything they do. I wouldn’t have it any other way regardless of our situation. I have an amazingly supportive and loving partner. We all live together, her and her three kids plus me and my three kids. We are our own Brady bunch for sure. We love to get out and do activities with the whole clan. Sledding, hiking, attending fairs and hitting the beach during cottage season are just a handful of the things that keep us busy. I have been a teacher for almost 15 years now and I love every minute of my job. My move to education was a second career for me. I was working as a restaurant manager and decided that with a young family I needed to make a change. I looked at what my favourite part of my current job was. It was training and developing new staff and coaching them. I thought to myself, well maybe I’ll be a teacher. I started to volunteer in schools and went back to University to get my teaching degree and the rest is history. SourceI am a huge sports fan!! I love to watch and play all kinds of sports including hockey, baseball, golf and more. I am a big Edmonton Oilers fan and follow hockey very closely. I participate in fantasy hockey leagues every year and am the lucky and proud owner of Conner McDavid in my dynasty keeper league. Can you say untradeable? I coach sports at school and run sporting events for our school board. I must say though that my sports passion is football. I am a huge football fan and to be more specific a massive Denver Broncos fan. I am deeply involved in fantasy football. Sundays during the football season are football days. The statistics of the game are something I can’t get enough of and the building of teams in dynasty leagues makes the fantasy leagues relevant all year and long-term rather than just one season at a time. I am involved in leagues that have been going on for over 10 years with a committed group of like-minded friends. I could sit and talk football and players with anyone and not even realize the time passing. Nothing compares to the best (Source)I have been reading and commenting here on the platform for a few days now and I have to say straight out, I am in LOVE with Scorum. Finally, there is a place where fans can go and share their thoughts and opinions about sports rather than just be fed the information from mainstream media. Scorum is exciting to me because it is more than a place to find out sports information. To be honest, I can get the sport "news" anywhere. To me, Scorum is a place where fans can go beyond the "news" and stats. This platform is providing an opportunity to voice an opinion about what is happening in the world of sports. This can range from games to scores and players all the way to the biggest and most controversial issues in sports today. I am also blown away by the number of people that are posting and talking about fantasy sports as well. I ahve been looking for this kind of discussion for so long. I am finally home!!!!! Finally, I have to express how excited I am for tomorrow. With kickoff tomorrow night the next 6 months of my life will take on a new meaning. Weeks will flow from Thursdays to Sundays and Mondays. In between, we will have waiver days and setting lineup days. I don't think it is possible for me to get enough football and I will be front and center tomorrow night for Atlanta V Philly and all day Sunday for the amazing action that I am sure we will be treated to. I know I am not alone in this feeling and the long offseason is about to come to an end. Cheers to the start of a new season and to an amazing platform here on Scorum for us all to share and enjoy together.@broncofan99

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