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NFL game of the day
Have not been more excited for a game in quite some time, very interesting matchup! Rams (8-0) vs Saints (6-1) Rams -1.5 is the betting line These are two of the leagues top three teams going at it this afternoon. The teams combined for over 33 points per game on offense, while holding opponents to under 23 points per game on defense. Los Angeles came close to suffering their first loss of the season to Green Bay last week, forcing a turnover in the final minutes to hold on to a 29-27 victory. This was the 4th time the Rams have won a game that was within one-score, they are beatable. Maybe New Orleans will be the team to hand the Rams their first defeat. Having won 5 in a row the Saints on a roll of their own. They come in with the leagues top ranked run defense, considering the Rams have the top run offence this makes for a very interesting in-game dynamic. This Rams team has the magic, it's going to take a lot to go in favor of the Saints to add a 1 to the loss column. I predict that the LA Rams continue their undefeated season! Even if New Orleans is successful in shutting down the Rams run game, I don't believe that will be enough. The Rams have the better defense and a passing attack that is as good as any. I believe it will be the Rams defense that will be the difference in this once, the Saints are not the team to end the winning streak. Of course that is only my opinion. The football gods will make the final decision! The game has just begun, lets see what happens! I call this the game of the day, because I think we all know that Green Bay is not going to defeat New England tonight. This Saints/Rams matchup is far more interesting.