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NHL Weekly Face-Off Contest: Win 10 SCR!
Listen up hockey fans, this contest will be offered throughout the season giving you a chance to win 10 SCR weekly! Each weekend I will pick what I think is the best match-up from each weekday for the upcoming week. Simply make your picks for each match along with the weekly tiebreaker for your chance to win 10 SCR. How to play: - You only get one entry so make your picks count! - Pick the winner for each match-up (please make your picks in the order listed below) - Make your pick for the weekly tiebreaker - If there is a tie after picks and tiebreaker, rewards will be divided evenly - Upvote required for entry to be considered - Contest locks when first puck is dropped, no entries accepted after - Editing entries will result in disqualification Entry Example: (may not accurately reflect actual teams playing or weekly tiebreaker) TB PIT VAN EDM VEG 64 Last Week's Results: Congrats to broncofan99 who pulled off the win for last week's match-ups going 4-1 on his picks! The weekly tiebreaker was not needed. The votes are in and the participants in the previous week's contest will all receive a portion of the 10 SCR due to my own error. (easyboi, kp33, keegzhawkins, cayelispor53, galasek, melik, rafia, mikey and battleaxe) This week's match-ups: Monday 1/14 - 7:00pm EST - Chicago Blackhawks @ New Jersey Devils Tuesday 1/15 - 8:00pm EST - Washington Capitals @ Nashville Predators Wednesday 1/16 - 10:00pm EST - Edmonton Oilers @ Vancouver Canucks Thursday 1/17 - 8:00pm EST - Anaheim Ducks @ Minnesota Wild Friday 1/18 - 7:00pm EST - Montreal Canadiens @ Columbus Blue Jackets Weekly Tiebreaker: TOTAL # OF HITS in WASH@NASHBest of luck to all, I wanna see some blood on the ice! Thanks for stopping by!