These days belong to Lalu Muhammad Zohri, an Indonesian runner from NTB who managed to go out as a 100m run champion in Finland. Quite a lot of people are running fast paying attention, bonuses, presents to her.

The match at the U-20 Athletic World Championships taking place in Tampere, Finland, Wednesday, July 11, 2018 peaks at Zohri running for a future blessed by God's grace. With a speed of time of 10.18 seconds, he immediately prostrate grateful to who has allowed his feet faster than two sprinter United States, Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison.

Zohri is the image of a business that does not betray the results, the portrait of a business blend with prayer, a fruitful kerjakeras trace, and the harsh exploits of life that do not end up arrogant, even the image of not being discouraged even if the state is not paying attention in the process of struggle.

Zohri as well as a portrait of the people with the elite in Indonesia newly moved to give attention when it has become a concern and public discussion. But Zohri still comes with a gentle soul and does not soar.

Even Zohri is a figure who appreciates the traces of history. Although there are many people and attention who want to build his house, he does not want to eliminate traces of dwellings that hold memories, stories and history of his life. Zohri only allowed his house to be renovated without losing track of the original.

We have to take all the inspiration with Zohri. Instead of busy looking for a scapegoat, find out who is most meritorious to Zohri's success and success, more to follow Zohri's lead which again confirms that effort and prayer must bear blessing that flows with the permission of God.