Drone racing is the future of technology motivated Motorsport. It is largely on a massive rise as it already has an international governing body, a league and the solid backing of sponsors in the Motorsport industry.

Before now, drones were used for military operations and in recent times, they have applications in media as they are used to man cameras which take pictures from angles cranes can't.

Drones are machines which can be classified as robots because they allow men carry out specialized tasks.

Winners of 2018 DCL

Drone Racing, just like esports is a game that requires a racing gear which is basically the remote control, a first person view (FPV) goggle and a Drone.

Pilots often train hard for trials and tournaments

Since it's a motorsport, athletes test their drones, add desired features and run lots trials as well as try to break records. The sport is beyond trying out some toys. Athletes go as far as building a solid team of specialists in which each member is dedicated to their tasks just like in motor go.

Players viewing their Drone paths through a first person view goggle

The sport has had lots of technological advancements as players view their game paths through special goggles called 'first person view goggles'. The allow the pilots view the pathways in real-time so, they can play from an enclosed environment while the drones are in open air.

The boy in the picture above is a 14 year old who is also a world champion. He is mentally and emotionally stable for the speed and adrenaline pump associated with this sport.

As an eSport lover, I take a strong interest in the mental activity it induces in the pilots.

It is already has a Championship aired on international Sports Channel and also hosted internationally.

How is The Sport Organized?

Players are geared up with a high-tech remote controls and wearing live virtual-reality googles.

They pilot the drones in a competitive manner as they race against time through similar race courses (air ways) usually in the open air against each other.

The finish line is called a finish gate and the winner will be he/she who has raced perfectly through all dimensions first.


During the race, the challenge is to master a course with your own quadrocopter which is a Drone with 4 propellers.

The task is to finish first and scale through all obstacles.

Drone-racing occurs in several forms

Time Trial:

Here, pilots race against time one by one on the track. Race times are compared between the pilots to pick the winner. Here, they often have separate cockpits and will not know the winner until the last person races.

Drag Race

This is more interesting than time trials as two or more drones race on the track. The first person to finish 100-metre-long course is the winner. Most times, the pilots first move is always a determinant of the race.


Here, lots of drones fly through the track which has different on-course tasks. The pilot whose drone is first will emerge as the winner.

Source: Espn

A typical indoor Drone Arena (race course)

This is owned by high-tech company, DJI in South Korea.

What does a drone race look like?

It is made up of:

  1. A frame

On this frame, a drone panel, a camera, antenna for the controller, a battery and propellers are placed on it.



A full Drone

First Person View Goggles

Source: Youtube

At nothing less than 60 fps, pilots view race paths in real-time while they play from the cockpit.

Champions League

Drone Champions League | Source

A championship league controls this sport at an international level and the likes of McDonalds, BMW, Benz and other usual sponsors pump lots of cash into this sport.

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