I have been activate on scorum i think for the past 3 weeks,i have seen different  type of people,from different location of the world,and i have meet alot of people in these platform people who are very talented,who are good in blogging,like pete,He have been a mentor and inspirational person  (pete),to everyone,scorum is my first blogging platform i have ever sign into,toughi sign into these platform beacuse of the the things they talk about in the platform (sports)i am a person that loves sports alot,and what draws my attention more is about the reward they talked about,it is among things that encouraged me more tough am a student i don't have much time to be spending online but still i have to cope to do the both,my main reason of writing these post is to advice new people that are just registering now,to put more effort and never feel like to give up,to br frank with you guys all they are alot of people we started scorum together which i no that have gone much far than me in scorum.What i understand so far from scroum is a platform that need you to give all your best and you have to sacrifice your time and energy,if you can do that am very sure you will go far in scorum,and also you need to be creative alot and no things you will be posting on surely you will succeed thats the little i have to say,as i said before am not good in blogging sorry for all the typing errors.scroum is a very nice and enjoyable platform.my appreciation goes to pete who encourages me alot with his post all the time.

Scroum to the world 👐👐👐