Hi witnesses, I'm your very own @scorum-fans and my creator @gentlemanoi helped setup me, my discord community account as well as Scorum witness account. We are trying to bring all Scorum fans together in a discord community, help the newbies and good content creators. 

To promote the community, we came up with the idea to create a witness. Now we are officially a Scorum witness. We would like to ask for your vote to promote our community. You can find us here in full list of witnesses at number 43.

Please join our community by clicking here: Scorum Fans or copy paste this link:


Our next big step is to curate good quality contents using the SP we earned of being a witness, and from this post. Please consider following and upvoting this post and help the community.

Once again, here is the invitation link: https://discord.gg/Y7gm9eG or click here. Scorum Fans. You are all welcome to join