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This is about you! and me.. and everyone
I think many will leave scorum for the feeling of not being able to move forward, or for fear of trying it then this came to my mind. Sometimes it is good to have a little internal conversation, whether you are a sportsman or an ordinary person there will surely be some point in your life in which you feel lost in the uncertainty of tomorrow, you will be unattended in front of the roads that life gives you and Even so, you will not know which one to follow, you will feel defeated and not wanting to continue and your head will be filled with doubts that will haunt you until you are submerged in those vague excuses that you will put on why you are stuck. You will have black days in which you will fall and make you feel that you are not enough, that you are a fool to keep trying to follow your dreams and despise your efforts to reduce yourself to the ashes of the man you were. source The euphoria that once overflowed in your eyes will be transformed into an insatiable void that forces you to desist from being yourself, and is that there are no words that hurt and weigh more than those that come out of our mind, are those words and phrases that knock us down before the altar of self-refusal to be better. Even though you're trying, you're trying to be the best student, the best son, the best father, the best footballer, whatever! There will be a small shady shadow surrounding your thoughts, making your sunny illusions flooded with stormy rains, a very familiar voice will scream at you to surrender and you will surely think about doing it. You will not want to lift your heavy existence from the sofa and you will sit down to review old photos, longing for the smiles that shine in them. and what can I say? My friend, breaking and staying out of the bubble of worldly pleasures that we create from malicious habits is terribly difficult. I assure you that you will have endless moments of solitude and the light of the moon will never look so sad while allowing the reflection of your decadence to appear at night, also promise and demand that you carry all your crosses because there will always be a better dawn if you lift the chains that bind your feet to the past. Remember that every day you are given the cosmic opportunity to improve yourself and add a bit of happiness to the vase of misfortunes that is overflowing with nothing denial that brings you back to life. If you love something enough, take off the bandages of fear and do it! Defeat the lonely tear and be that utopic figure that rode between your dreams every night you told your mother with passion what you wanted to do the next day. The road will be lined with experiences that will influence the you of tomorrow, remember that more than the goal what matters is to enjoy the road, so stop looking at maps a reason to start the journey of your life and just throw yourself to the adventure leaving the suitcase that clings to weakness, you can always do better than yesterday and you can always look for some reason to open your eyes, look at the blue sky and say "Yes I can" every night that you stayed watching the past will follow you like a ghost of repentance, if you do not start to build the stairway to heaven you will not have anywhere to escape when your footsteps begin to turn around and remember everything you "could do" "what you could do be "what you will never be": you should stop thinking about "what could happen if you do it" just DO IT, yes I look like Sia beowulf in that NIke commercial, but it is the truth of all of us and you my dear friends I invite you that in spite of feeling dead and debased you never stop being yourself Well I think this was a small text that I came up with, I hope you liked it and I would like to tell you that I have a surprise for everyone at Christmas!