Hey! Poker Friends,

Today I come with an interesting moment I had for about 1 hour with the Little Mickey. It was game in game out on the little Mickey table. Lucksack poker friends were interesting people as we engaged in the game and also in chat!

Below is the Mickey table as we set for the game: Though I played one of the game last two days and ended in 9th position.

Day by day I am bringing back my move on poker as I remembered Pussy crusher, it was an experience that made me feel comfortable with Lucksack Poker last year due to the fact that it was my second game on the table.

As Mickey game started, it was with calculation and tricks everyone is throwing there cards. There is one tricky guy called @potplucker he will set a trap for and at the end he knows what he's doing.

Well, to end this short review, I ended up at 5th position after I made a statement that I may be out of the game now and behold the game ended for me, lol!!!

I enjoyed the game and you can also join and win some point, steem, sbd, and SCR.

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@mikey thank for sponsoring this game!!!