The poker game whose history could be traced back to the 19th century in united state has extremely grown popular and is still as the day counts down. At first few(about 7) entrants were recorded but in recent times, entrants accumulate in thousands. Thanks to @liuke96player trying to establish a solid structure for the game here on scorum following his contest at .Also not to forget the amiable sponsors of the contest, @btb, @stimp1024, @fullcoverbetting,@constanza. All thanks to them.

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Sincerely, I'm not into poker but I do go nuts when I see people who play smile with so much money at stake, couple of minutes later there's a mood swing. it baffles me when I watch men at casinos throwing money to the table for betting. Of course you'll need money to make money but I stand with the betting rule that spoke about staking what you can afford to loose. Despite all these, I call poker the the elite game men of relative magnitude play( The big boys game). Most times I wonder, is it just luck while picking cards or is there some kind off force behind the game.

However, I've understood that in poker, "you don't have to be the best to worth the most". The likes of Daniel Negreanu(poker kid), Antonio Esfandiari, John Juanda, Phil Ivey(Tiger wood of poker), Dan Bilzerian, Phil Hellmuth(The poker Brat) and co. are all unique players with different tactical formations.


There have been some amount rivalry between Phil Ivey and Dan Bilzerian some time ago as both are both major names in the world of gambling that have managed to transcend their sport. In recent years, Ivey has expanded his brand into the sports world and entertainment while Bilzerian has long been a social media superstar with various business ventures. Phil is also known for his online game cashing Earning prowess. Alas, Both players could hardly find a place among top poker players in recent times. Daniel the poker kid has equally praised the poker brat to be the best No Limit Hold'em player winning 13 world series of poker. Poker kid who refers to someone else a better player could have a rightful claim to the spot as he tops the all-time list in live tournament earnings with $36.15 million.

Some young lads are really into the game with Peter Eastgate(Isser) was the youngest player to win the Main Event in 2008, at 22 years of age. He held that record for one year, when 21-year-old Joe Cada became the youngest Main Event champion the next year.

At this juncture, I'll rest my fingers.

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