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ALT Week 5 has ended - We have WINNERS!
The ALT Series has seen out week 5 which means the series has now came to an end and we have Leaderboard winners! See below the top 5 players through 10 tournaments over 5 weeks, 5 Omaha hi-lo tournaments and 5 H.O.R.S.E tournaments. Week 5 results below Below is the full list of points gained by players KRYPTOKEEPER 182 MIKEY 157 THE BULL 142 POTPLUCKER 135 GOLDHUNTER1 130 TADAS 116 LEODEMOND11 102 NIKOSKOL 87 DAVOR27 80 kEEGZHAWKINS 62 LINUX911 50 four20 45 BBULLIES 42 SARGE 40 MONI 30 INTHENOW 20 CARABAJAC 20 ADVERSUS 20 NIC 5 LAMA10 5 Every point from each tournament earn 't by each player see below If you notice any error pleaser let me know asap, as you can imagine keeping track of all these points can be messy for an unorganised person like myself. Self-Reflection Upon self-reflection looking at the points gained around 80%+ came from my weakest game Hi-lo. Also managing to finish 5th on the leaderboard is decent considering I gained zero points in the first 4/10 tournaments. Tournament reflect The ALT series was moderately fun, with hindsight I wouldn't do 50% of the series HI-LO but that wasn't my choice.....oddly enough that was the person who finished first lol GG. The big issue I felt was the deeper structure, blind vary across RAZZ, STUD, NLH and with them moving up so fast it becomes a game of coin-flips before you've even gained an edge by skill. If I could go back I would draw out the Blind times making it more a marathon of skill. Technically speaking the best tactic for this structure is to simply sit out untill the BB becomes 15%+ of your stack then sit in and gamble....however this isn't my style and where it is a SCR earner it isn't a poker learner. Overall it was a successful element of fun to give away some SCR. If you havent recieved you winnings yet it will be shortly, just waiting on a deposit. ALT KryptoKeeper hi-lo tournaments on Mondays will continue to run for a few more weeks. @Kryptokeeper added the prize pools for these 20SCR freerolls so be sure to show him some stick at the tables. Thankyou again for the support and congrats to the winner!

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