My acquaintance with the mountain races of Ukraine began in the summer of 2019 when I first ran my mountain race "Goverla Race". Although I really liked the race then, it was impossible to get to an interesting mountain race again and I had to be satisfied with the usual trail and road races. Planning this year's running calendar, I decided that I would definitely need to get back to the interesting Ukrainian mountain race, which became the "Runa Run Trail".

Since there are many mountain races in Ukraine during the year, and I managed to run only two, so I decided to see what other interesting mountain races are held in the Ukrainian Carpathians. As a result, a very interesting selection of mountain races in Ukraine was formed.

  • Winter trail "In search of Yeti"
  • Hutsul Trail
  • Fun Carpathian Trail
  • Trail Carpathia
  • Night Montenegrin Marathon (Summer)
  • Goverla Race
  • Ultra Trail School
  • Tour de la Carpathia
  • Boyko Trail
  • 100 BUCO miles
  • Trans Carpathians
  • Slavko Trail
  • Chornohora Sky Marathon
  • Rune Run Perechyn Trail
  • Beech Trail
  • Night Montenegrin Marathon (Autumn)
  • At the end of winter