• Original language name: “Running Man. A Memoir of Ultra-Endurance”
  • Author: Charlie Engle
  • Genre: non-fiction


He ran to get recognition. He ran to survive the drug "break". He ran when his son was born. And when he was in prison. Running was his salvation and a way to punish himself for insignificance. An alcoholic, a drug addict, and a liar - he was God while running. He ran a marathon in prison and the Sahara from end to end. He covered hundreds of kilometers in ultramarathons, took part in dozens of adventure races. He was chased by angry crocodiles, swallowed by leeches, and drenched in bats. He fell asleep on a bicycle, woke up with a tarantula in a sleeping bag, and hung on ropes from a rock. Rubbed corns the size of a tennis ball, ran without sleep and food for several days. Running was his punishment and salvation. He helped him overcome drug and alcohol addiction, feel real pain, and learn true healing. He was called the "Running Man" and he had to do crazy things to stay sober.

Quotes from the book

That's what faith is. We believe that when we finish, something important will happen to us.
I was not in control of the events, but I could change my attitude toward them
No matter what walls surround you and whatever restricts your freedom of movement, you can always travel anywhere in your mind.
Failure is a spice that gives a taste of success.
Drugs and alcohol were a means of escaping reality. Running became a means to return to her