My acquaintance with the interesting running location of the city of Brovary, called "Brovary Forestry" began in 2018 during a fun and interesting participation in the race "Autumn Leaf", and then continued to participate in the spring eco-trail "Spring Forest" and autumn eco- trails "Colors of Autumn". And during this time Brovarsky forestry was remembered not only for the wonderful nature of the forest, interesting races that take place on its territory but also for its sacredness, which he played and plays for the development of the running community of Ukraine.

So what is the Brovary Forest of today? At first glance, this is an ordinary forest, which does not stand out, but only at first glance, because when you start to look closely, you realize that it not only played an important role in the development of running in Ukraine but managed to preserve and continue to protect into himself the "spirit" of running, for the last 50 years. And it all started almost 50 years ago when the "Autumn Leaf" race was held on its territory for the first time, which currently remains the oldest half marathon in Ukraine. Therefore, over time, forestry in Brovary has become not only a cult place for Ukrainian runners but also has become a kind of custodian of running traditions of Ukraine, which are closely guarded by him for almost half a century.

The forest in Brovary not only preserves the running history of Ukraine but also creates interesting pages in it, so we want to talk about them further. And it all started with a small curiosity that happened in 2018, during the race "Autumn Leaf", which I called "turn not there", and opened a new running page for Brovary Forestry. Because in 2019, lovers of running could admire the beauty of Brovary forestry not only during the autumn races ("Colors of Autumn", "Autumn Leaf"), but during the spring trail race "Spring Forest", and in 2020 they joined the summer trail race "Forest trails". Forestry continues to preserve both the old running history and discover new pages, and soon running enthusiasts can take part in an interesting running series "Legend of Brovary Forest", which will take place in Brovary Forestry and combine three trail races:

  • eco-trail "Spring Forest";
  • trail "Forest Trails";
  • eco-trail "Autumn Colors"

Running series "Legend of Brovary Forest" is interesting for running enthusiasts because it allows you to run through an interesting forest location, where participants of the running series can enjoy the nature of Brovary Forestry and see its beauty at different times of the year, visit one of the cults running locations and touch a little running history of Ukraine. Participants who manage to win all three races will be able to receive the title of "Legend of Brovary Forest" and a special award, in addition, after each race in the series will be awarded points and the best participants in the league will be awarded.

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