After reading some good ideas by some of the "O.G." crew on here, it seems that there is some good momentum and energy going to shift things. I've received some very nice dm's and some messages on here that makes me dip my toe in (with much trepidation).

The "Bank" of Axe fun initiative was to reward civil discourse in comments with liquid SCR which an amazing amount reinvested. IT WORKED! Here's a seven month old post that sort of highlights some of the good/fun of it...

Pump Pump (giphy, making the cut)

HALF of the Payout will be split between 7 people who participate in this initiative. In the Comments section leave a thoughtful comment on who your favorite or most motivational athlete is/was in your life and why.

Here are the rules:

  • You MUST leave a comment in a FULL SENTENCE.  Give it a second or five of thought and heart please.
  • I will be monitoring it to see the time and who qualifies for the top Seven to split it.  I will leave a comment saying MARKED, that means you get some.
  • If over seven qualifying entries happens, you can pretty much say I'm known for spreading love either by voting or trying to support your work.  Let's keep this rather peaceful wave going.
  • I expect civil discourse.  We are all adult on here.  People like @betman @tosyne, @pete and  MANY others are ready to work with others to steer this place better.  Regardless of this or that, it is up to US on how things go .......or don't.