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Life for sure is no bed of roses,and even when it seems like for you,you just have to get pierced by a thorn of flesh,to give you perhaps a reality check,and in the Merseyside derby at anfield on sunday, Jordan Pickford certainly learnt that

Often seen as the hero for both club and country at crucial moments,the young English shot-stopper was gradually establishing himself as a very reliable choice in between the sticks, despite his unfavorable height,but no doubt he'll be cursing that after failing to catch well ,an ever rising ball, that destined to be going out of play,but pickford was taking no chances and thereby presented a golden chance to divock origi to score,he ball ricocheted onto the crossbar and bounced down for the belgian to score a rather dramatic last minute winner, and with the match finely poised for a stalemate, that would have been seen as a fatality and you could feel for Pickford,who was pickpocketed by the on rushing divock origi,and funny enough everton fans would have expected him to be Pickford and not pickedford there, that sure is one hell of a bitter pill to swallow

All the more reason to moan,would be the fact that for the entire duration of the game he had been the hero,keeping Liverpool well at bay,but when it mattered most he simply turned into a villain, and he couldn't even hide from his own character cos it will sure haunt him

Given the momentum Everton had garnered in their past couple of games, their unfavorable position to get a result out of the game,knowing that they were a point closer to upsetting all odds and the thought of facing his teammate's and manager in the dressing room after the nightmare has ended, you can bet for sure Jordan Pickford would have wanted the ground to open up and swallow him, but unfortunately there was also know where to run to for the poor soul, football can sometimes be so cruel, but you have to take the good with the bad and the ugly, except in this case there was also the awful and if poor Pickford couldn't catch the ball,he probably won't be able to carry all of these, he definitely would prefer to carry only the good, oops (I was just kidding), but he'll definitely catch a smile after reading this,( if he does anyway) cos he also might not be able to read this, there will definitely be a ton of stories about him online that he'd rather not see, so in reality there's just no escape route for him.

The context of the game was pretty even on both side,though Liverpool had the better chances, but it was a fair encounter, sadio mane perhaps guilty of spinning glorious chances, a win was all Liverpool needed to avoid opening up a gap between them and man city, Everton seemed perhaps contented with a draw, but i guess Pickford had other ideas for sure, a horrible one at that, but here's a better one

"Failures are nothing but learning curves,in an otherwise straight path to success in life"

So this definitely shouldn't weigh you down, great people also made mistakes that they learnt from,or else we would not have seen electricity today,so go pickford

And also for Liverpool players, don't you let him see replays of that, you sure don't want him catching the next flight to the other side,even though he might probably miss it, I'm just saying though