Area 51 raid be damned - Earn 5 SCR by sharing your thoughts on UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal

It’s happy days here on Scorum. Two updates in a row, SCR getting a little bump. The clouds are finally clearing and a ray of sunshine breaks through but wait…there’s something else in the sky.

What is it?

Let me confess, I am a lifelong extraterrestrial and paranormal enthusiast. My father actually got me into the subject matter when I was young. We spent many summers nights sky-watching with our telescope. I was raised on a steady diet of shows like UFO Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries and paranormal Haunting shows.

As a younger child, staying up past midnight to watch UFO abduction shows only to then go lay down to bed was the perfect recipe to fill my head with thoughts and dreams of aliens, UFOs, spirits and lots of other-wordily ideas.

Logically, this lead me down a path of reading sci-fi books and being obsessed with the topic. Thus, cementing my life-long passion for the subject.

Earn 5 SCR by Commenting

To celebrate the good turn of luck we’ve had this week on Scorum (and being inspired by @battleaxe), I wanted to do a SCR giveaway. The pot is 50 SCR. Earn for yourself—or I’ll send it to someone else on your behalf—just let me know in your comment.

Here’s how:

  • First 10 users to share your thoughts on aliens/ufos/ghosts/spirits.
  • Have you ever seen a UFO? Ever have a run in with the paranormal? 
  • Do you believe in them?
  • Put your #number in your comment.
  • I’ll reply when I send you your SCR with confirmation

Here’s One of My Stories

To get the topic going, I’ll share one of my experiences.

Over the years I’ve had a few extraordinary events happen that are hard to explain. Since I spoke above about my father getting me into the subject matter, today I will share a story that involves the both of us.

As a young middle-schooler, my family installed an above-grown swimming pool (like this on), and it sat off the back corner of our house. We spent many, many summer afternoons and nights swimming in that pool. My friends, cousins, parents, everyone swam in it. It was so much fun.

One hot summer night, when the humidity hung heavy in the air, my father and I decided to go out for a night swim before heading to bed. Of course, no school in the morning because it’s summer break, so it was wonderful to be able to stay up late and swim.

After being out in the water for a bit, calmly floating around idly on our backs, we gazed up at the stars. It was a clear night. All the stars thrown across the black sky. This view, in the quite evening, the gorgeous night sky, was on of the best things about growing up in a rural Indiana.

Sky-watching in the darkness, the two of us began talking about UFOs as we scanned above our heads, enjoying the cool water in the hot evening. And then, exactly coincidental, as we were discussing the very topic of UFOs and aliens, we saw something (yes, I know, the time is ironic).

A ball of light appeared clearly out of the night sky. It wasn't there a second ago. We watched it manifest right before our eyes. It was shapeless, only an orb of light, what was behind it that was emitting the light we could not see. There was an orange hue to the light.

We both pointed at it, exclaiming “do you see that!?”

As we intensely watched the light in the sky, it began to come near us. A mix of fear and exhilaration washed over both of us as if it were the water in the pool.

Then it stopped. The object staying perfectly still it then shot a flood of white light down onto the back part of our family’s property. Behind our home was a few acres of empty wooded land. The object lit up the trees, like a bright search light. It wasn’t a beam, but rather the light was dispersed, illuminating our yard for a moment. We could see into the woods, the shapes of the trees back-lit in the late night.

Then in an instant, it was gone. As fast as it appeared, It disappeared. Vanished. Our yard pitch dark again. The sky normal. Stillness filled the air. The night went on like nothing happened. Me and father, though, we were left changed.

We would return to this story, and still do, from time to time. This was my very first personal experience with something like that. I eventually saw another similar object many years later, across town, but that is a story for another time.

So there you have it: my first personal sighting of the phenomenon.

Removing the Stigma

As many of you are probably aware, the #Area51raid has been trending on twitter for days. The internet has been filled with alien memes and conversations around the topic. This, of course, fills my little alien heart with joy.

However, the Area 51 raid—half a joke, half for real—won’t do anything positive. That’s why people like Jeremy Corbell and others are trying to use this momentum and excitement for the topic to do something positive.

This is me taking that idea and running with it here on Scorum. Let’s open the dialogue about the subject matter here. Earn some SCR, share your thoughts, be constructive. I want to know what you think.

Oh, and of course, no hoaxes.

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